Monday, March 03, 2014

190V phase to neutral.

The service drop is only about 30 feet.

Now we wonder- did they tap it at that, or is the transformer going?

Bonus question:
With the hot knob & tube and 190V in the walls, why didn't it burn down already?


  1. Are you fucking kidding me?
    190 volts IN THE WALLS?!!


  2. Wait,

    A clarification here, 190 volts at the 110 outlets?
    I know 220 outlets are put in for dryers , welders and compressors but they are usually very well marked.

    1. 190 volts phase to neutral/ground.
      I didn't bother phase to phase.

    2. Yes 190V at the 110 outlets.

  3. Unless you have an overload to create heat, why should the knob and tube cause a fire? Voltage (within reason) doesn't create heat, amps do....And properly installed knob and tube should be good for well over 400V.

    How did they get 190 to ground (neutral) from a standard pole pig?

    1. Either they tapped the contacts wrong or the windings are going.

      *IF* it's installed right and *IF* nothing happened to it to let the bare wire touch the walls (making a ground and heat). it' shouldn't be a problem.

    2. If the wood is dry, there shouldn't be an issue.

      Dry wood is a decent insulator until you get fairly high voltage.

      Paper is also a decent insulator.

      I don't understand why everyone thinks Knob abd Tube is a fire hazard....It isn't.

      It's actually quite safe in that regard. Now it IS an electrocution hazard.

  4. You do know that Knob and tube wiring has been illegal for the past...40 years- right?

    According to my TX Journeymans test- when ever you find any, you are required to rewire around it. (certain historical exceptions apply)- because of how dangerous it is.

  5. But do you know WHY it is considered dangerous?

    Hint: It ain't 'cause of fire issues.

    1. Do you mean the complete lack of a ground wire, the way the insulation likes to just flake off over time, or the way rodents like to chew it?

      Or the undersized wire they used then and the ...unstandard way they had of making joints in the wire?

  6. I'd think the problem is the lack of a neutral and little grounding.


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