Wednesday, January 01, 2014

FED-UPS is just covering themselves with glory

I bought a set of bedrail covers and a set of stake pocket tie-downs on the same Christmas night.
Dec. 25 and Pay-pal went through on both of them - no problem.

I got the tie-downs Saturday- the 28th.
I got the tracking # for the bedrails on Dec. 26, but nothing on it- now I know why....

Because they didn't BOTHER to pick them up until Monday- Dec 30.
So much for my promised delivery date of Dec 31 at the latest, huh?
I'm just glad I didn't have to pay for shipping.......

They were there this Saturday morning.
Almost 10 days after I ordered them with NO communication from anyone that they'd be late.


  1. I've dealt with shipping for years; I even lost a 300 pound galvanized grate once, that was shipped all over the U.S. before it finally made the few hundred mile trip for deliver. All in all, I've found the problem is usually only one individual that made a bad call, or was overwhelmed and forgot an order.

    I don't know what the solution is, but I do know last minute ordering is a risky endeavor. Too many things can happen and they're rarely good.

    1. I didn't pay for shipping. BUT they waited three working days- five days total before they picked it up.
      The tracking page says it's on schedule to be delivered...Yesterday.

  2. Every time I find myself getting upset at something taking a few days longer than promised...

    I remember "allow 4-6 weeks for delivery" and that was on top of allowing a week for your check to arrive at their location because there wasn't an internet to order from.

    And once you wait for ATF to lick a stamp and attach it to a form you mailed them along with $200 there's no shipping time that seems long any more.

    Get out there and get some SBR stamps!

  3. Having done shipping for a mail order company, the problem there may have been as much the seller as the shipping company to be honest. Even with the tracking number saying X date. Its VERY possible to produce a tracking number (with estimated date of arrival) and then sit on the package for several days. They won't tell you thats what they did, but the company I worked for did it fairly frequently.....

    1. If I would have received a note saying"sorry, we forgot"- it would have been fine, but I just left my feedback about their shipping on E-bay.
      They didn't even bother to change the expected delivery date.