Friday, January 10, 2014

Everything old is new again

And this time, they're purposing chain shot (which never was good as anti-personnel rounds) as self defense rounds.

Because somehow splitting a light pistol round into three and dragging a net through the air makes it more of a man-stopper than a hollow point...or something.

Just watch how effective it is against a paper target without any backing;

I guess it's a lot more effective than throwing three fishing weights tied together...but I could do the same damage to the target.

This was originally up at Brocks, but I decided not to trash-up his comments with my take on this scam.

You'll notice that not one video shows the string-shot hitting ballistic gel. Probably because it has the same effectiveness as birdshot.

Here is the spokes-flac's reply when he asked about it:
"...We had them tested by a 3rd party industry leader and
confirmed ~12 to 14" penetrations on the fragments. Keep in mind that we are
not asking you to fully change your personal protection plan, WE recommend a
Smart Stack by loading your first 2 rounds as MI then your favorite Slug
then alternate your mag stack to insure high hit and the comfort of your
favorite slug. I know that our rounds will do the job and that we need to
prove it to you, so we are working on that.

So- I was going to ask if you used the shottie at 5 feet, but that doesn't even shoot a full slug ( it's more like a sabot ) to get that 12-14" penetration. Instead of a 2" self defense snubbie.
I'll sit back to see how good it is when all the cool kids are blogging about this new-and-improved super-killer bullet and the Dems in congress want to ban it.


  1. Taking lethal force and turning it into "stings like a bitch".

  2. It was my belief chain was used on land against cavalry (surer to knock a horse's legs out from under him than solid shot), but what do I know?

    1. I don't know about that, but navy's used it to take out rigging.


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