Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Your ear worm for the day

I was singing this over a garbage barrel In Rota, Spain on July 4th at the end of our annual Independence Day party (and American flag raising):

Yes alcohol was involved and i drove home- just like everyone else.......(but crap it was 1986 fer Krissake):


  1. I can here it now...

    Cue the alcohol and karaoake mashine...

    Back and ong stay cash sissen on fensh
    ain nuff dooo to pays rents
    ima fass bwoke donn care
    strush on by wiff my taa in da ear

    stay cash strush ima ladezz cash
    a feelin cashanoah heymen thash where izat
    getzashu throw at me fum a meanie man
    getz ma dinnaz fum gahbahge can

    you get the rest :)

    ( Been there, done that)

    1. It wasn't that bad- we had to leave about 8PM because the Spanish had an issue about the American flag flying too long over Spanish territory.

      It's one of those face saving things... we only got to fly the flag about therr time a year in Rot, Spain and I'm sure it was the same at Moron AFB.

  2. That's good and it's a good thing you made it home safe :)