Sunday, September 01, 2013

So we went to the car place yesterday

I'd e-mailed the sales guy about the truck i wanted..from the site- with the stock number on it, and he told me that they have it on the lot right now. I said "cool, we'll be down tomorrow morning."

We got there ands as we were waiting for him to finish up some customers paperwork, we looked at trucks and I told K- - this is the one, except it's a dark charcoal grey.

The sales guy made it and said he'd get "YOUR" new truck, and he went off and brought "this" back
This one still for sale.. 16K miles.


"That's NOT the one I asked about, that one was darker grey that that silvery-white thing."
--"Are you sure it was different? They do make mistakes while describing them."

"I saw the pictures of that one and this one, that one was at R-- M-C---- Toyota."
--"let me see if I can find that one for you, if I can't- is the color a deal breaker for you?"

"Yes, the last five times I've gotten a vehicle it's been some shade of silver and I only got them because I had no choice. I hate that color and now I don't *have* to buy a color I don't like."

Well, we found it at a different franchise of the same dealership for $1,000 less. Still had 16K on the odometer.

We paid cash and the finance guy *still* wanted to convince us to take a loan because -somehow paying interest on top of the truck price-- "Would save you money."

We said no.
I drove a year and a half old Ranger off the lot for less than I paid for a Mitsubishi Montero Sport at Maxwell Mitsubishi of San Marcos, TX.......... with less hassle. . . and a better taste in my mouth.

 That back glass is begging for a nice white SeaBee decal, isn't it?


  1. Those Ford Rangers will run forever.

    For the love of all that's good, don't put a Navy sticker on it.

    1. It'll improve something that's already awesome!

  2. I had to wreck mine a few years ago. Nevertheless, you may want to reinforce the back slidey window. Thieves took advantage of it for a radidio. Other thieves figured out the tailgate was worth some money. I bought a $30 aftermarket tailgate lock afterwards; good investment.



    1. I've already decided that I don't really like it and I haven't been withing tree feet of it.
      .....okay about 18", the cab isn't that big.

  3. I guess it is a 'good' thing that I can't really justify a pickemup truck - why the next thing would be getting a boat to pull behind it!
    Nice looking truck though, IF I was in the market for one that would probably fill the bill, even the 'silver' one ;-)

    OYB MCPO sends...........

  4. We paid cash and the finance guy *still* wanted to convince us to take a loan because -somehow paying interest on top of the truck price-- "Would save you money."

    That and the mandatory finance processing fee (normally about $300 bucks or clean profit).

  5. The dealer still made money, but they HAVE to get their little Vig on top of it all.

  6. & Ford didn't participate in the government bailout shenanigan.