Friday, February 15, 2008

House Dems- showing their support for security

The latest extention of the FISA bill expires tomorrow.

Sanfran Nan and her Libs have decided that they're safe playing politics with Americas safety because any attacks will be Bush's fault- even though they're the ones who refused to vote on a terrorist tracking upgrade.

They want the Bush administration to jump through hoops to try tracking a quick phone call by known terrorists because they're 'concerned' about privacy protections.

Right, if they really were "concerned" about breaches of privacy- maybe they ought to do something about GOOGLE'S automatic keyword scan of EVERYTHING that they touch.
But that's ok, it's not the evil BusHitler throwing everyone that dares breath wrong into their sekit gulags.....somewhere. The only sekrit that the Bush administration has been able to keep.

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