Sunday, February 17, 2008

Turn here, Dave

Sorry Hal, but that bridge is too low.

TURN Dave!

I can't get under the bridge Hal.

Dave, if you don't turn this truck- I will.

Ok, I don't really know if it happened that way or not, but I'm reading of more and more stories like this one, where people follow a comuterised voice with no forethought.
Ok, to give the driver some slack, I didn't see a height warning on the bridge pictured. But the stories about people turning into rivers and onto railroad tracks is growing.

You'd think that some of these SatNav companies would send people out to survey their directions once in a while, just to try to protect themselves from lawsuits.
I mean GOOGLE, that basion of Liberalism can go against the Goracle to aimlessly waste precious fuel wander around major cities and take pictures for their enhanced mapping system- you'd think that SatNav companies could get their own drones to see if their directions are right.

Just to fend off potential lawsuits from municipalities for damages caused.

But, then again, I guess the rest of the world doesn't have as many trial lawyers wanting a huge piece of the pie and actuaslly holds individuals responsible for their actions.

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