Thursday, February 14, 2008

It took 24 hours but

I finally got enough actually *done* to have put in a good day.

See if there's a hiccough in the normal chain of events in this company, logic and reason go out the window and changes are made in *the Plan* without all the main players being clued in.

Like me, my current job foreman, and the parts guy who was supposed to have gotten word to clean some box vans (that I was supposed to move Tues). In the process of driving from one side of San Antonio to the other, the *plan* got changed from:
Kurt will drop the goose neck so Robert can load it with the exess conduit- while Kurt is moving the dry vans to the J.C. Pennies jobsite and bring the gooseneck back to the office.

Kurt gets to Brandies (at 9 AM)and drops the gooseneck and finds three flats on one side of the trailer that "almost" ready to go (except that it still needs to be emptied out), and Robert is busy with his main supply job for the ,,,jobsite. AND the other trailer is locked so I can't start unloading. Kurt calls his supervisor at the office and reports the 3 flats and that he can't get to the trailers to hook-up.
Kurt is told to "Wait till I call you back",,and wanders off to help pull home runs for the parking lot lights.
After lunch Kurt and Robert get enough cr@p moved and the gooseneck (remember where it's supposed to go?) loaded with conduit and panel boxes. At 2:30PM, Kurt gets a call from the office that tells him to "Call this number and get a tire guy out there. When you get done moving those trailers, take the goodeneck to get the landing gear fixed."
Kurt: "Ok, What do you want me to do with the conduit and boxes we have loaded now?"
Kurt: "The gooseneck that you told me to load with excess matreial to bring back to the shop, do you want me to offload it here or bring it to the shop to offload, or just take it to the trailer place loaded and leave it?"
"We DON'T leave chit on the trailer at a repair yard!"
Kurt: "Ok, offload it here or at the office?"
"I'll get back with you."

Kurt finally gets hooked up to one trailer at 3PM (quitting time is 3:30) and is almost at the next jobsite when the Brandies foreman calls and tells him to just drop that trailer and hightail it back to the Orchard, and we'll start fresh tomorrow.

Extend that over the next two days and you can get some idea of what it's like working for this company.

OHhhh, that first load of conduit?
I spent almost an hour just getting the loose conduit secured in a nice, tight bundle that wouldn't scatter from there to Selma ( about 40 miles) and was told just as I was pulling onto the main road- "Krt, come back- we're going to offload the trailer here. It was lunch time by the time the trailer was unloaded.

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