Sunday, April 10, 2011

How's this?

Bushwack is going to get his pick and start prying all the bad coding that somehow ended up in the template when he gets time.

So I'm putting it how it would look once that brown cr@p is gone.
I do like the white on blue text, so that'll stay.
Anything else?


E-gawd, sorry about that color.
I ajusted it on my laptop and only now got on the main computer.

Hope this is better.

More of that hopie-changyness

I thought the iWON was going to spread oil ecofriendly biodegradable lubricating fluid on the troubled waters of the world.
We were going to have peace in our time by getting rid of dictators who supported us and replacing them with....well we haven't thought it through that far....but Mubarak is gone!!
So we don't really have a dog in that rioting that's going on in Egypt today- right?

I mean because last time they were rioting and the army wasn't shooting into the crowd- but there was a friendy dictator- so it was a CHANGE needing to happen so the Mosum Brotherhood could hijack the "democracy" that was starting.

But we hear nothing from Mr. Hopieness about the army taking charge because his buddies are set to take over, and a few hundred bodies are really nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Unless we can somehow blame those evyll Rethuglicans...

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Not even an earworm

There was a video back in the mid `80's that had John Candy talking about his brother as a segue to the song. They were sitting around a table and john was saying A real honor student. Yes your Honor, no your Honor- No contest your Honor..."

I had a guy in my fire team who was always saying that in his Joisie accent- "yes yowa Hona, no yo Hona, no contest yo Hona."

I can't remember the song, or who sang it, but it must have been a hit because it was in the box in Rota, Spain's EM Club.

Ok, an earworm from way back then

Making a bug a feature

How do y'all like my new dress?

Something is locked in the HTML editor because I can't change any background color or I get an error code saying that color is not supported.

Hmmmm....maybe if I click that little *help* button for known issues...

Way to stand up for principals there John

I said "Maybe John Boehner remembers who put him where he's at. That maybe he's not another spineless Republican. He may actually shut the .gov down on principle."

I was wrong.

He cave for half of the minuscule cuts that were on the table.
Way to go House Leader! You showed them- and us -how we can expect you to act when REAL cuts are on the table.

I wonder if there's going to be a viable third party out in time for 2012?

Friday, April 08, 2011

Tired of all this free time

I guess I'll go back to work. Since I haven't heard anything from the .gov contractor who was going to make me a small cog in the military/industrial complex.
Or the Navy background checks.
Or the office grunts of Sens. Cornyn or Hutchison who I asked to look into why it was taking over SIX MONTHS to make some basic inquires.

I was in the area dropping off an app to drive a post office truck, I decided to drop by the old workplace and see if bossman was still pissed off about me cracking that windshield, and if not could I come back?

Well, they're picking up work again, but not like it used to be, so they offered $2 less. I reminded them that I was the one who used the bucket truck to fix parking lot lights and they made good money for that, so my Super said he'd do what he could.

As I was just getting ready to merge into I-35 ProDriver called and asked if I wanted a job...
So, at least i have choices without moving, anyway.

So, what's wrong now?

I all of a sudden have a brown background for a header?
-And can't change it...

Thursday, April 07, 2011

The line in the sand

Interesting that Prezident Kickazz decided to make it now, when he knows how bad press may actually ooze out about troops not getting paid.
He decided that NOW was a time to show he had some kind of balls and stand up to fiscal responsibility.
I wonder if Michelle had anything to do with it?

We're going to shut down parts of the .GOV and not pay our military whilt food stamps, welfare payments and the other titsuckers get theirs, but my grandadughter is going to end up eating CAT FOOD because Obama hates military dependents and wants to see them STARVE!

OBAMA HATES MILITARY BABIES! He wants them to starve in the dark!
Obama will be driving eight Suburbans in Williamsburg while my daughter is walking to dsaycare because she can't put gas in the car!

Obama lives it up while military babies eat cat food! (oops- used that already, sorry it just rolls off the tongue)

Dude, it's a public restroom

Why don't people check before the sit on a toilet?
I mean as nasty as some of those people are, I hate to even think about sitting down- much less without even looking.

So I wonder how many times that guy complained of guys peeing on the seat before he got glued?
Seriously guy, do you get sick a lot?

So, tongues are wagging about Bristol's paycheck

And the fact that she made a tad over a quarter million dollars as an anti-pregnancy ambassador,

I know it seems like a lot of money for an 18 year old- and it probably is for most kids. She's not a normal kid and neither are Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian who got their massive amounts of cash for doing even less at that age.

I don't see any mention of the fact that the sperm donor probably got more than that for dropping trou for a photo shoot, or that the Liberal toole hasn't paid child support in forever.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A question on phraseology

If you're in a store where the 5lb log of e .coli-burger used to sell for $10, then it dropped to $9.88 and we'd say it took a .12% drop- right?
Then if we walked our happy butts to the same place the next day and saw the same tube of e .coli-burger for $11.33- would we call that a 13% jump in a consumers prices?

Like the bell peppers that used to be 33 cents are now $1.24.

Good thing the Consumer price index doesn't look at food, or our economy would look a whole lot worse.

But like President Everyman says we'll have to get used to it.

He hasn't tried that "I feel your pain" line yet, has he?

Her name

is Kate Middleton

But you don't usually see her like this

I thought I'd bring her out before you got tired of hearing her name in the next two weeks.

The poor girl looks cold, doesn't she?

You know you would like a screen door,

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Barack Obama want's to kill black babies

and won't take no for an answer.

He said this morning that he would veto any bill that stopped funding Planned Parenthood.
Or cut funding for the EcoNazis in the EPA.

“What we can’t be doing is using last year’s budget process to have arguments about abortion, to have arguments about the Environmental Protection Agency, to try to use this budget negotiation as a vehicle for every ideological or political difference between the two parties. That’s what the legislature is for, to have those arguments, but not stuff it all into one budget bill.”
Can I remind you BARRY- that if YOUR DEMOCRATS had passed the budget back when they were supposed to...SEVEN MONTHS AGO- that we wouldn't be having this discussion right now.

“What we can’t do is have a my-way-or-the-highway approach to this problem,” Obama said. “Because if we start applying that approach, where I’ve got to get 110 percent of everything I want or else I’m going to shut down the government, we’re not going to get anything done this year, and the American people are going to be the ones who suffer.”
That's how you DEMOCRATS acted for the entire time you had the entire .GOV under your complete control.

Lets shut down the government and remind everyone just exactly WHY there was no budget for 2011 under Nancy Pelosi and Dirty Harry.

Ohh, you want content!

Been AFK putting in some realtime apps in because I'm starting to think that I'll never hear from Kay Baily-Hutchison or John Cornyn and that security check because I didn't include a huge donation for them to take an attention of my asking for help.

Our newest and greenest pet is really getting restless. She's either egging, or reabsorbing them, but she's still looking for a good place to lay.
I can't let her out because she sees a nice cave and want's to make a lizardly beeline for the cats litter box.

Or if she gets out to the living room,

... she shows how much of a lesbian she is because she loves to eat the carpet............

Thank you, I'll be here all week!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Anzio and the Italian job


You know how light a lever action rifle usually is.
Even after beefing it up, it's still not going to have a lot of inertial dampening.

But if you're a masochist, the bidding's almost over- hurry!

My 1903 probably outweighs that by a good three pounds and with my shoulder probs- would render me ineffective for a week.

Why do we have a debt ceiling?

If every time we get close Democrats automatically raise it?
If Republicans threaten to keep that limit that was just raised last year- the tax cheat that Teh Won put in charge of our money- is crying about defaulting on our loans.

Gee Timmy and yes you too Ben Bernanke- if you're so concerned about our debt, maybe you should ACT like it- instead of borrowing even more.

Geithner said a failure to raise the ceiling in a timely way would lead to hardship for many Americans as government payments would stop, pushing interest rates higher and sparking "a financial crisis potentially more severe than the crisis from which we are only starting to recover."

Both Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke have said a failure to raise the ceiling could have "catastrophic consequences."

But wait!
Did I just see a way to NOT have a catastrophic failure when the ceiling is hit?

As the government nears the debt ceiling, the Treasury has authority to take certain extraordinary measures to postpone the date the United States would default on its obligations.

But that means that Little Timmy Geithner might actually have to make some hard decisions- that he may even be held to. You know, actual consequences that blaming the Republicans can't fix.

Winning the Future

Hey, look! The Chicago Jeezus is throwing another ally under the bus!
Yes, someone else who actively helped America is now joining our other former allies under the bus of fail.
Now that Prezident Kickazz has thrown Yemin's President onto the trash heap of disposable alliances, is anyone going to go out of their way to help us?

You know, back when we had a cowboy for President, half the world hated us- but they had to respect our word, because we followed through.
Now, half the world still hates us and we're walking out on someone who kept most in check.

Hellova job you're doing there Barry with your smart diplomacy and flexible morals.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Dear Democrats Liberals

Watch this video-

I know it's a bit slow because of the subtitles.

When it comes time, just remember- all your laws against "evil black rifles" won't matter to deer hunters.

..And I'd bet there are more of them who like America the way it was than the America you want to turn it into...

No threats,,,just saying....

H/T to Greenmountains

BTW...he didn't even have a scope on his boltie.

OH, and my 30-06 can reach you at 3/4 of a mile away. But don't worry. I won't be looking for you because you're too far away.
Those troops you're sending out- however, who think that "I'm only obeying orders" will get them off... just look at the way 0bama treated the Bush legal team....

No threats, just thinking.

AND if your the NAVY BACKGROUND checkers, it;'s about time! I've been waiting for you for over six months.

But incompetence flows downhill faster than competence- doesn't it?


I've never been there, but got a hit from this blogs sitemeter. I'm not on their blogroll and didn't see any links going there, so how did they backtrack to me?

In which it comes as unsurprising

That the ten most segregated cities in America are mostly in the north- LA the mold-breaker.

The thing that brings them all together is their political make-up of generations of Liberal leadership.
I wonder how many would be in the top ten for loosing businesses, too?

Remember those Wisconsin teachers last month?

The ones who canceled schools across the state with a sick-out to protest having to pay for less than 6% of their own retirement.

Remember the Dr.s standing around and handing out fake sick notes?
They were supposed to be investigated and the results out March 25th.

I guess I was right (again) when I said nothing would happen and it would be forgotten bout by the Liberal UW medical dept.

Maybe the UN should blame the mullas

for that riot in Mazar-i-Sharif Friday after the prayer service.

The mob gathered after three mullahs at Friday Prayer urged action in response to the Koran burning by a pastor, Terry Jones, in Florida on March 20.

...Or even President Hamid Karzai instead of some publicity hound in Fla.
He placed direct blame on those who burned a copy of the Muslim holy book in Gainesville, Florida, last month, stoking anti-foreign sentiment that already was on the rise after nearly a decade of war in Afghanistan.

"The demonstration was meant to protest against the insane and totally despicable gesture by one person who burned the holy Quran," he said.

President Hamid Karzai publicly condemned the March 20 Quran burning, leading some to blame him for triggering the protests. De Mistura, however, blamed the person who torched the holy book.

The pastor, the Rev. Terry Jones, had threatened to destroy a copy of Islam's holy book last year but initially backed down. On Friday he said Islam and its followers, not his church's burning of the Quran, were responsible for the killings.

Your fellow cultists were furious about a Liberal rag lying about a koran getting flushed in Gitmo a couple years ago too...
"Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of offending culture, religion or traditions," de Mistura said. "Those who entered our building were actually furiously angry about the issue about the Quran. There was nothing political there."

Saturday, April 02, 2011

You could do worse

for your daily earworm.

...And her's story-
Yes there really was a Girl from Ipanema, whose name was Heloisa Pinheiro.
But just because you're the object of lust from two older, married men who wrote a song about you doesn't mean your life turns out well.

Oh, how CUTE

It's a percussion cap powered BB shooting Pocket Pistol.

Friday, April 01, 2011

I've been reading about those PETArds

for some reason.
Nothing that points to anything... but just hearing and seeing.

You know, you PETArds that when you women display themselves- you're not making the point that you want to make- right?

All you're really doing is giving some lucky guy (or girl) a show.
Except, that you're cheating.
Those animals you're trying to make us feel sorry for aren't putting their all into it.

I've noticed through looking at those pics that you PETAphiles are in a cover-up that most female animals wouldn'r car about...........

STOP THE COVER-UP in female displays! Really girls, that's about the only way guys will pay attention to your skanky-@ssed protests.

Bare the beaver for bears!

So that's why I seeing more of them

You know when you hit a site and all of a sudden you Windows Antivirus goes nutz--"ZOMYGAWD YOU HAVE GAZILLIONS OF INFECTIONS!!!!1111!!!!"



Except that it's not your antivirus if you look before making a mistake.
It's a rouge site trying to get you to install maleware.

What is it?

In honor of today

A hot Mediterranean babe

Dude, seriously?

I can do that with any arc welder I know of.

But if you don't know cr@p, anything is,,,magic,,isn't it?