Thursday, December 08, 2022

So I was fabbing up some mounts for fog lamps-


And needed to tap some holes.
I have the taps, but not the holder- because as little as I use them, it's not worth paying for.
I couldn't find a small enough adjustable wrench to hold the tap, so I used a Vice-grips. But it kept snapping off when it started to dig in.
So I went to the welding box because I was sure I had that good black 8" wrench in there. Nope.
But I did see my gauge wrench that might work.

Daym Skippy!

I probably need to harden it before I use it again, though....


  1. Whatever gets the job done. Good thinking.

  2. Could you not use a crescent wrench?

    One other alternative is to chuck it into a drill press and them turn it by hand.

    1. No, I didn't have one that went that small and the drill press is in storage