Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Something wierd happened yesterday

 And I'm still trying to figure out. 

 I'm in the process of putting in a new panel box- with a new meter to replace the 75 year old panel box that was feeding a mixture of knob and tube wireing and ancient fabric Romex.

 It's basically a completely separate circuit except where it gets fed from the transformer. I ran a new line to the 220V well pump and put in the double pole breaker -It's a GE instead of the Square D the other one is- I accidentally put that breaker on the same phase (GE is different than Square D) and came in the house. 

 The kitchen lights and everything on that circuit didn't work- until they wanted to. I KNOW I didn't touch that breaker, and everything looks good. 

Then the wife said we didn't have water-- which is when I found out about not having the pump on two different phases. I moved it and now EVERYTHING works like it's supposed to.

 HOW did sending two of the same phase to my well pump affect one circuit on a completely different panel box- with different feed (old one is #4 triplex overhead) into it?


  1. I wonder if the motor was in a position that allowed the power to run to the neutral, but not trip the breaker. And that load back fed somehow? I hated digging into things like that when I was an electrician. It was FM: Freaking Magic.... and not a good kind.

    I did the same upgrade when I got this old rent house I live in. There were no less than seven fuse boxes on the wall and a #4 cloth covered meter loop. I went back with aluminum for the meter loop and main panel feed. Cost about a 1/3 of the price of copper. I've got one little piece of cloth romex to replace, it's all on new wire everywhere else. I left the knobs in the attic for now. But all that is replaced.

    Good luck brother!

    Got a compliment when the local El-Co hooked it up.

    1. There was no neutral- it's a 220 pump motor, that's what's wierd, plus it only affected one circuit.