Sunday, May 16, 2021

The World turned Upside Down

Tradition has it that it was the  tune the Brits played at the surrender at Yorktown.

But when shit happens, it can be as quick and unexpected as a pipeline getting hacked.

The Colonial pipeline put almost 1/4 of the country on -at least- limited supplies of gasoline (why it affected airliners using Kerosene I don't know) and showed how some people act.

They probably stored that excess gas with their horde of TP. 

OR a shut down of an entire world because of an overhyped virus.

We're stocking up on food

We have well water- need a generator to supply it (we're working on that)
We don't really use enough gas to have a tank in the yard

Shortages and disruptions are still happening because of lingering affects from the shutdown.

People still are not going to work because the .GOV is paying them not to with our tax Dollars.

Supplies are still on back order- which is changing the dynamics of everything, including used pickups. I was starting to look for one about halfway into the plandemic shutdown, but decided to wait a while. Then I watched the prices rise as the new truck shortage went on............ because of a chip shortage. 

Now I'm seeing the prices of 3/4 ton trucks where I wouldn't pay if there were half the miles on them.

SO............. I'm thinking hard at a restomod. If I have to pay that much for a used truck, why not got with something with style?
I can get a '64 C-10 or 72 F-100 or even a 78 Dodge for less (nothing is cheap anymore) and throw in a crate motor and 5 speed manual -with modern conveniences for a little more than the going price of a 2500 Silverado with 140K miles on it.

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  1. If you go the resto mod route, consider adding simple EFI. Howell EFI, Sniper and many others are great performers and really make the vehickle enjoyable to drive. Also, a dual fuel generator (gas & propane) can run a long time on a 1000 gallon propane tank, hidden in the ground.