Friday, March 05, 2021

Some of you


Have never stood in line for everything you need----to get your food, money, paperwork, haircuts or even to turn in your tools.

And it shows-
That's a line of cars waiting for the McDonalds drive thru.
The parking lot is a good 100 yards wide (to the curb cut at the road) where those cars are waiting and more are lined up on the access Rd where you can't see them.


  1. I don't get it. What has a line of cars got to do with showing something?

  2. It's a line of cars at the San Marcos, TX McDonalds about 1130 at night.
    That parking lot is about 100 yards wide where those cars are lined up, and more were waiting on the access rd.

  3. I wouldn't go to a movie or cafeteria for several years after the air force said I could go home. Waiting in line for everything gets really old. I'm still picky about what I'll line up for and how long I'll wait. Never was a fan of drive up and there is no way I'd get in a line with more than three ahead of me ,unless they were giving away steak and baked potatoes.

    1. I still don't like to go into cafeteria style eateries.
      For some reason Chinese is different....

  4. Assuming this is a recent photo, people are terrified of going INTO places. I see it here, they'd rather line up outside for curbside or drive thru than go inside and wait in line with *gasp*horror* PEOPLE! My work shares a parking lot with a Chick-Fil-A, and while they've always tended to have a long drivethru line, this past year its been exceptionally bad, meanwhile the parking lot is almost empty, even though their dining room has been open almost straight through.