Friday, November 29, 2019

Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico

The base has been closed for about 20 years now IIRR. I'm sure I found the Seabee base, or what's left of it.
Where we were housed in H-Co. (I was working CTR on that deployment) was right down from the beach and you could see that little island in the lower right corner almost lined up with where the old beach was.

CTR, MLO and another warehouse is at the upper left under that cross shaped building. The plowed field is where the barracks were and the galley was one of those big buildings where the plowing stops.

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  1. I was there for 2 weeks in the summer of '72, VF202 deployment. Open air barracks, with bats flying around, steel can beer in machines in the barracks, and .25 cent drinks at the NCO club. When we came back 90% of the parts cans we went down with, had bottles of booze in them for the trip back. We worked noon to noon, so we were off every other day to explore the island.