Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Another horse got out today

So we're going to have to do something with that back fence.

I was hoping to be able to wait until at least fall before I had to make that wood post driver.
See, here we have red clay about 8" below the sand and no matter how well you tamp, the posts are always loose.

In order to solve the tripping problem for the weight, I'm looking at running the lift with a chain like this one-

What I first need to decide is the front bucket quick connect, or the tree point hitch.
The front would take out one leveling adjustment cylinder and only leave me with a sideways adjustment.
But it's only a 35 HP tractor and that 300+ pound drop weight on top of what the framework is going to be makes it pretty front heavy.

If I put it on the back, it makes it harder to line up and I'd need more adjustments to line the pole plumb.

1 comment:

  1. I've got a Kubota that size (L-3540). I don't think the 300# weight would be an issue on the front at that long a reach.

    Of course, I have fluid in the rear tires and 300 lbs of counterweight on the 3 point, so you might be different.

    I have a 9 foot boom that I can attach instead of a bucket and can lift and carry 500+lbs at full extension, so I can't see you having issues if you have some weight in the back.