Monday, April 06, 2015

The National Electrical Code says:

To preform your job in a neat and workman-like way in many of the sub-codes.


  1. That there is a regular work of art!

  2. 10 out of 10, would hire again.

    Assuming it was on time and not over budget.

  3. Looks great, right up to the point where someone added that extra (damaged) outlet and did not secure the conductor at all. Either add the second with a close nipple or swap out for a 2 gang box. I'd love to see the panel circuit ID card -- looks like at least 66 conductors leaving a 42ish space main panel and 16-20 space sub panel; I loathe half-space breakers because of the massive heating derating. I'm also a bit stymied by the apparent blue sheathing on three circuits and the red sheathing on two circuits (the straps look gray, so larger than orange 10-3).

    BTW, spellcheck burned you, like it burned me many times in my employers ISO documents -- "preform" vs "perform" (mine was supposed to be "apply the preformed widget then perform the weld..."). Luckily our registrar's auditor was cool and said "fix the spelling, I got the meaning".

    Best wishes,

    Mike the EE

  4. I wonder how the rest of the wiring looks like through out the house or building?
    That took a lot of planing and patience to get all that wiring the way it is.
    I wonder if all the labeling of the breakers is correct?
    Sure is pretty.
    I would be bringing people down to look at it and be awed by it.