Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jezus Kerist-

0bama just shredded the Constituent by his illegal ...illegal alien amnesty tonight...and all the Republicans can muster is that 'there will be severe penalties" 

Are you people f*cking serious?
"Severe Penalties" (stern-faced smiley).......

Slut down the Government---and mean it this time.
The last time you did this.. you WON the Senate if you can think back two years ago....

But probably not. Like most Liberals- your memory only goes back as fr as the MSM lets it.


  1. Be realistic. They don't currently control the Senate, and would have to muster 67 votes there to remove O from office. We already went through this with Clinton. If you don't have the votes, it's a waste of time to impeach. Not to mention President Joe Biden if you did succeed at it.

    1. I didn't say anything about impeaching him.

      I said shut down the government until something goes our way.

      But we both know that won't happen because doing anything critical of the Dictator is RACIST.

  2. You can't hurt O that way because doing nothing is what he does the best. If the government were shut down, he'd happily play basketball in the WH gym and hit the golf links 7 days a week while the MSM blamed the shutdown on the GOP, as they have done ever time in the past.

    As for "something going our way," that's just what the election was, and you see how that worked out. Maybe something can be done starting in January, but until then, it's still Harry Reid playing goalkeeper to prevent any GOP legislation getting through.

    And even after January gets here, the GOP doesn't have the magical 67 votes in the Senate to override O's veto pen.

  3. The last time we had a government shut down--0bama went overboard and the citizens picked up om the shutting down of natural monuments you can see from a federal HWY and the shutting down of grass! that is nominated (somewhere) as a federal parkland.
    HE didn't make any friends last time, (not that it matters to HIM), but he won't *not* do it again*,,,just to punish the American voters. because HIS agenda takes president over anything the Liberals even can contemplate.