Friday, October 10, 2014

Squirrel update

I found out here in Texas that squirrels have their kits, pups, squirrleings... in the summer- I guess so they're ready for the winter.

I thought I had a momma squirrel building a nest in the kitchen wall, but saw her two young ones watching me put in the floor joists for the *coff* temporary accommodations while we sell the doublewide and build the new house.

Now I can't just block off access to that part of the wall  so they can escape when ready.

They just better escape before I get that part closed in.


  1. get you some galvanized 1/4" hardware screen and lookup how to make an exclusion, hmmmm mabee not . It'll need to look like a funnel pointed outward with the sharp pointy ends of the screen to the outside.
    Good luck