Monday, September 01, 2014

So we're back

Left fri. nite and got to Cody, Wy about 24 hours later to pick up a Jeep I talked myself into buying.
Yes it was a drunk bid on E-bay that I figured someone else would out bid me on.

So I picked up my 57 Willies Jeep and got here about three hours ago.
I don't even know how much I spent on saving money instead of having it shipped.

Now I know why he didn't include any pics of the dash, since it's missing everything but the central speedo/gauge cluster (just fuel and oil). Now I need to find out id the 6V system needs any kind of exciter or resistance to start charging.

It needs a brake job, new wiring, wiper motors and the steering shaft shortened about 8", because I can hardly steer and I know any females in this family would be having boob interference... because that's how high and far the wheel reaches.

BUT it has brand new tires :-)
And should still run when the Iranians, Norks or ISIS get a nuke on a missile that can barely make it (because that's all it needs) a couple thousand feet above the Rockies.


  1. Generator vehicles will generate on spinning. You might need to "charge" the field by jumping the positive battery terminal to the "F" field winding - with the regulator disconnected - if it doesn't kick in on it's own. Be careful you get the polarity right - or you'll have a positive ground generator!

    Alternators need field power to start producing.