Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I do not like this Sam-I-Am

I do not like this near the house.
I do not like this with a mouse.
I would not like it with a pill.
I do not like it near my drill.

I do not your little wench.
I do not like your unfilled trench.

Please just let me leave.
I do not like it near your eave....


  1. might give better pics or some context.....

  2. They had me drilling a 13 foot hole right next to the building.
    the first pic is my pole clamps about 8" from that rain eave ( about 4' less slop than that 40 foot boom has in it.

    The second picture is 5 layers of 2x12's crushed and broken when my stabilizer sunk into the untamped water pipe trench.

    Yes, I bent the eave-trough.