Sunday, August 18, 2013

This is why the Republicans are going to lose again

According to Newsmax up at the RNC meeting last Thursday  in Bhaaastin, Chris Christie wowed them all.

Those that they call conservatives are fine with running the RINO Christie for our next presidential loser in 2016.

Asked if Christie could be an attractive candidate in parts of the country outside the Northeast, Phillips shot back: "You bet he'd be. He's not Mitt Romney, who doesn't have a hair out of place and looks as though he stepped out of [GQ]. He looks and talks like a regular guy, and that is appealing everywhere. If Christie runs, he's a candidate I'd strongly consider backing for nomination."
 Of course you would, that's why we had McRINO and Romney the last two times.

And they stand there and look at the icebergs as they  buy their tickes on the Titanic...
Duprey also praised Christie's speech, saying he "really drew cheers when he recalled how he's not afraid to take on public-employee unions. And we liked when he said the way to succeed in politics is to say what you're going to do and do it."

Stressing that he must remain neutral in the 2016 race because of his party office, Duprey did say he "liked when Gov. Christie said people would disagree with him and that when you want someone who will agree with you all the time, 'Look in the mirror.'"

"In many ways he's like John McCain at all those town meetings. I was with him in the New Hampshire primaries in '08 and '12. He's not afraid to tell people when he doesn't agree with them," Duprey said



  1. It appears the RNC leadership is easily influenced by a fat man with doughnuts.

    It think I'd rather be led by rabid monkeys.

  2. This is part and parcel of the problem.

    Voting for Christie?

    No thanks.


  3. But he's twice, or thrice, the man McCain and Romney are!

  4. Quoting Joe Huffman, "In other words; there is no political solution, so you’d best be looking elsewhere. Politics is a distraction for the most part."