Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yeah... if it will only save one life..........

So the "mostopen and honest" administration we've had since the Clintons it talking about mandating ALL POVs have WIFI so they can "talk to each other".

No, I can't see anything going wrong from that proposal that those Bureaucrats who were appointed by president Anti-Midas.

It's not like there are people who'd go out and maliciously hack someones car to intentionally cause wrecks, or maybe some .GOV spy agency tracking every move of every vehicle on the road?
Naw....the same government that racks it's own citizens internet, phone and money transactions would NEVER think to track innocent citizens...would they?

then we have the auto-update features...."UPLOADING an important update" Then your car slows down and you're told that you must turn off your car for the updates to install.........or it'll do it for you.


  1. One of their big wet dreams is the ability to remotely kill the engine on any vehicle "in case of a high-speed chase".

    How long do you think it will be before some clever hacker writes an app to shut down any vehicle you can take a phone picture of on the road?

    This is one reason my favorite vehicles have no computers. Mechanical ignition advance, even.

  2. Or they will report any traffic violation and have your ticket mailed to you. Imagine the government income stream.

    Really, all this email reading and car monitoring is nothing more than the exercise of total control over all of us. If the IRS can be politicized, then all these new technologies can too, and will be used against you. It's really the end of our freedom, and the end of the republic.

    Sorry Mr. Franklin, we couldn't keep it.

  3. When the government owns a car company such as GM, suddenly OnStar looks like a great idea for ALL cars!