Sunday, May 12, 2013

I can't help but notice

That gas is going up again.

Here we are with the Bakken and Eagle-Ford oil feilds pumping more produce than we need.
People driving less than in decades (because they can't afford it).

And the fawning media who would be screaming their lungs out it there was a Republican in the White House are giving us all kinds of excused why it's not only *not* a problem- but actually good that were paying $2 more than we should be.


  1. They have too much access to money. Cut it off, and they'll burn regulations to get across town.

  2. Memorial Day is coming up, its a traditional time to gouge consumers. Happy Holiday.

  3. Formulation change...

    1. Those formulation changes are keeping the cost of gas $2/gal above what it was when 0bama took office?
      In spite of an oil glut and lack of need.