Thursday, October 21, 2004

Driving lessons

I (and the Conductor) make a daily drive to San Antonio every day. It takes
her around 80 min. to get to work on the S.W. side. It takes me about 45 min to
an hour to go to the N.E. side, where I’m working now. There was a wreck in the middle lane of I-35S this morning.

I’d like to take this time to blow the safety valve down, now.

People--the left lane is for PASSING and for going FAST. 75MPH is NOT fast
enough. If you look around you and see a half mile long line of cars sitting on
your bumper, you really oughtta think about moving over. Same thing when you’re getting passed from the right--you know, the SLOW lanes.

When driving through a construction zone, if you are afraid of those Jersey
walls, DON’T DRIVE in that lane. Also, please TRY to keep your vehicle entirely in your lane. This goes for commercial drivers too- I KNOW you know better.

When on the entrance ramp, YOU have the yield if you can’t merge---NOT the 80,000lb semi that can’t change lanes.

When there is a lane closure ahead, think about merging in about ohhh say three quarters to a mile from where you HAVE to force your way in. You have enough warning. I won’t let you in.

A lot of you out there must really have guilty consciences. Officer friendly is
NOT going to give you a ticket for driving THE SPEED LIMIT. Really. If you
don’t want to go the speed limit, that’s what the right lane is for. Let me through, I’ll go the speed limit.

Semi’s again; when passing a combination vehicle, if you want to admire it and
count the rivets on the trailer- Pass on the RIGHT side, you can take all the
time you want. If you are on the left ( the FAST LANE) put your foot into the
carburetor and get around him- he’s most likely got a governor and is going as
fast as he can- he won’t try to outrun you.

Ok, the boiler is in the safe zone again, let’s go move some freight.

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