Saturday, September 06, 2014

A quick walkaround

I've decided to at least upgrade the electric system to 12 volts and use a 12-6V resistor for the gauges.
1957 Willys with original hurricane engine.

I need to shorten the steering shaft a good 4" so it's not in my chest.
I need to get the original steering wheel and replace that after market one.


  1. Nice!
    She looks in pretty rough shape, but not a complete loss.
    Should be a lot of fun to get her back to top shape.
    Going for the full restore, or just putting together a farm vehicle?

    1. Probably get her roadworthy and use her around the farm.
      Even a shiny restored version isn't worth that much.

  2. Is that the F=head with the carb mounted on top of the block?

    I had a '47 Willys wagon for a while. Was missing an interior.Got it in trade for a VW engine rebuild.

    1. It's an F-head.
      The carb is mounted in the intake manifold next to the head.

  3. What a great project. Best of luck, and post pictures during the process.

  4. I believe I have the same top on my old Jeep. If you use a 1970s to early 1980s Delco alternator, you can use a small gauge wire to tap the middle winding and run your gauges without a resistor. You just open up the alternator and loosen the middle of the three nuts that connect the windings to the rectifier. Attach your tap wire there and route it out of the alternator through one of the vent holes. It will give your gauges 8 volts. The old 6 volt systems were really 6-8 volt systems so it works beautifully. And yes, if its a real Jeep, its possessed. Mine's named Ruth after Festus' mule in Gunsmoke.

  5. Sugar Magnolia, "Jump like a Willy's in four-wheel drive..."


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