Monday, July 28, 2014

I think I found the problem with the chain locker

You can see the reason for the dysfunctional anchor room at 0:45, 0:54 1:07 and a good long look starting at 1:35.



  1. I wonder who drew the short straw and had to tell the captain.

  2. Can you explain to me what actually happened here? Holy Hell that looked bad but I don't understand how it happened. They were still hooked and moving out?


  3. I think they were trying to drop anchor, but the water was too deep and the clueless Chief let the anchor get away.

    Another selection at the end shows the USS G. Washington with a squared away anchor room that didn't let the chain run wild and stopped it at the danger shot.

  4. They don't have the end of that chain pinned to something? Seems like a design flaw.

  5. If they did those 140 tons moving at about 40MPH would just tear out whatever was holding it.

  6. The capstan is supposed to be what it's pinned to, the trick is to stop before the end if the chain... Time tested and proven system actually.

    1. New post shows how it's supposed to be done.
      AND you'll notice no Chiefs running around with their hands jammed into their pockets,,,,,,,

    2. Which is a symptom, not a cause, I am sure you'll agree.

    3. I'm sure the unprofessionalism shown was a big part of the problem.
      From the time I was in boot camp, it was drilled into us that it was slovenly, sloppy and unseamanlike to walk around with your hands in your pockets- unless you were getting something out.


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