Friday, March 09, 2012

Obamas real message to the troops

You know that war you're fighting and I'm trying to lose?

Yeah about that- I need to take nine supply planes away from you because I need them to ferry my re-election flacks to all 57 states of the U.S.

I know you'll understand, or at least not say anything bad to the press.

Oh, don't worry about supplies....we'll be getting that Paki supply rout open any month now!

H/T zipwire

So I was over at Drudge this morning

I took him off my bookmarks when he went all in for Romney.
As I was scanning the headlines, I remembered why it didn't matter to me if I read him anymore or not because he's not got new news, and the refresher it timed too fast.

Then I read last night ...somewhere that he kept taking anything critical of Obama off during the last election and won't allow any tributes to the guy who helped get him where he is today- Andrew Breitbart.

I guess I'll keep him of the second string of newsies. If I go there every three days, maybe the content will change.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

The $3 presidential suite- please...

So, the Boy King lowered himself (and drug Mooch along) to dine with some of the lucky ones who were brain damaged enough lucky enough to be chosen to hear the Arrogant One sound off on Himself all night.

Which brings up some questions I had, since I have to watch my pennies.

How did these lucky people get there from all over? Did they have to pay their own way? Did the DNC pay? Did our tax Dollars somehow get hijacked to get them here?

Why did they end up in a dive in the slums restaurant in a newly vibrant part of DeeCee instead of the White House? Dried up chicken from a steam table??? Yeah, well at $3 you're not going to get Wagoo Beef, or apparently any booze to make the evening go more smoothly.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I hope that wasn't an irreplaceable original

Book of Esther that Bibi gave Obama for some historical reading- Because it probably made it's way into the first round file he passed.

Sometimes it's better to not say anything

Especially it you're on a flight that just ready to take off and you find a utility knife in the overhead bin.

Because you know that you'll just cause a huge delay because of the TSA security clusterf*ck that will ensue, including putting everyone and their crap through security again and boarding another plane- if they can find one.

Well little Denny, she IS a Democrat

It looks like Dennis Kucinich doesn't like getting his ass kicked by a girl.

Kucinich was clearly not happy about his defeat.
"I would like to be able to congratulate Congresswoman Kaptur but I do have to say she ran a campaign in the Cleveland media market that was utterly lacking in integrity with false statements, half-truths, misrepresentations. I hope that is not the kind of representation she would provide to this community. And I don't think the people of Toledo have any idea of the kind of campaign that was run in the Cleveland area. And my own integrity requires me to just say this: That's not all right."

The 'Notice To Proceed'

We can't even put paint on the ground until the Air Force gives us one.

We were supposed to start Feb. 13th.
I have all the accounts set up, got my Poly gas pipe fusion certs, sent off a Material take-off.
 I'm almost done with our schedule and procedures.

THEN- after we get the NTP, we can't start digging for two weeks while they do line locates.

But at least I'll be able to start fusing the mile of 6" poly pipe together.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I'd like some clarification please

Is it the mindset of someone using the word slut the only thing that matters?
Or is it to whom the remark is aimed at?

Liberals can use it with impunity when they talk about Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Laura Ingrham, Anne Coulter...

Liberals have parades where they proudly call themselves sluts.
But when a prominent conservative radio host calls the lying Liberal activist Sandra Fluke a slut- The Left and it's propagandists of the MSM go berserk in shifting the focus from Obamas war on religion to semantics.

Yes, Sandra Fluke DOES meet the requirements for being called a slut.
Unless she was lying. Like she did for the majority of her 'testimony' in front of a Democrat media circus.

Embrace your people Barry

Show the entire world what those Occupy and SEIU protesters are all about.
Don't run away with the G-8 to the protected Camp Davis where your people can't express their First Amendment rights.
Remember, YOU are the one who told them to get in their faces.
You're the one who said 'take it to the streets.

Are you afraid of your own people?

OR, could it be that in a more private setting- you want to try leaning on the other 7 without distractions or media coverage (as fawning as it is)?

Monday, March 05, 2012

Because I'm not a saint

satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune.

And because it couldn't happen to more deserving people :-)

All those script kiddies who downloaded the software to help Anonymous knock some of "The Mans" sites offline for a couple hours just gave Anonymous all their personal information! :-D
Isn't Karma a motherf*cker?

Stolen from Daddybear.

Hooray for Putin

He brought back Femen- those topless protesters!

I can't say I'd really want to see anti, or pro-Obama protesters.

I might even go watch this movie

From the preview, it looks good.
What I saw in the preview makes it look like both sides of the gun issuew could have their own take- Gungrabbers will say "Oh- looks at those eeeevile gunnies...we told you this would happen!!!one!!"

While Gunnies would say "Cool! I know some people who need that treatment".

It's been 30 years?

March 5 1982 Rota, Spain NMCB133 showing the deepest reverence for Bluto.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Remember when Daryls brothers ghost came back?

In the previous series, when he stabbed himself with his own bolt?
Bro was harassing him about living with n1ggers and ch1nks?

And how it was all Liberals and Democrats fault this all happened...

Now fast-forward to this episode and the Daryl's' bike where we saw a nice double lightning strike on the tank...

Yeah--- lets not put any messages out there Hollywood.

Well, the group conscience has died. Would have anyway because of the way Dale was opened up by a Zombie.

WTF? TWO more episodes? We get to watch eight weeks of Zombie and then they kick back for eight months of trying to hide messages in the script?

Has the Slutty Sandra kerfluffle gone on long enough?

The Left got the distraction it wanted with the Congressional hearing that starred the 23 30 year old Democrat activist who picked Georgetown BECAUSE it didn't cover contraception.

It got everyone stirred up and forgetting whet the whole thing was about to begin with.

Lets remember the whole f*ck your conscience, you will supply FREE contraceptives thing that got side tracked by that round-heeled Sandra Fluke and her Democrat spokesflacks.

Good morning

Is it cold enough for ya?

Saturday, March 03, 2012

I hope Rush has back-ups for his online back-up

Because after his calling a slut a slut- the Liberals in charge of Carbonite are pulling their ads on his show.

Not that there won't be a buttload of new advertisers Monday...

I found this message from the guy who had no problem continuing to pay the ad prices (which, I'm sure were much lower)on the Special Ed. show after he called Laura Ingraham a right wing slut.

Sorry, but SondraK had it in JPEG...

Ok, guy- David Friend.
How old are your daughters? Are they the 23 that was originally put out, or the 30 that the slut Sandra Fluke really is?

Like I said, I hope Rush has additional back-up and that he didn't have much sensitive information backed-up on the Liberal David Friends Carbonite- because whatever he had is going to be ...'accidentally' made public by some kind of 'disgruntled' or ...'sloppy' employee that without management knowledge- downloaded it to wikileaks.

The Perfesser has contact info if you want to remind David about his "tolerance" to the ongoing disrespect showed to conservative women on the Liberal shows he pays for.  -OR to tell him WHY you're cancelling his services.

On one of the facebook pages I go to

A Liberal got made a member.

The first time I had anything to do with him was something that had nothing to do with the Chicago Jeezus' race- until he came in shouting "RACISM!!!"
And we had a ...discussion.
This happened on other posts where things were tangentially touching on his "gawd" and he'd jump in with both shit covered boots and start throwing Liberal talking points and twisting the previous posts.

You know- typical Liberal.

Now, two of the sites (notice the spelling Dwain -if you ever find this) are ratcheting down on anything that could possibly be political.
Which pretty much ends up like a party with the C.O. and the S.P.s watching the festivities.

This Liberal did what they usually do. Raise shit until the authorities clamp down and disappear.

Now we're censored and Lib-boy isn't on the member-list anymore.

Just out of curiosity

Can't the House do anything to stop President Trotsky?

He keeps taking more and more unlawful authority, and no-one is even raising a voice in protest.
The House controls the purse strings, can't they (if they had the stones) to shut down Obamas illegal mandates?

Death match 2012

Srsly- it's not what you think...

Bad news for president Anti-Midas

Looks like GovtMotors is going to stop making the Trabant.

Well, Romney does need an attack dog

Because HE won't dirty his manicured hands to do effective campaigning against "Hte WON". He's already said that in his comments about Santorum.
The one where he forgot the mudslide of negative ads his people put out about Newt and was telling people he had no used for mud against the president..or something.

You know -just like McCain.

So the Establishment candidate is going to need someone to throw punches while Mittens poo-poos the need for dirty work.

As far as I can see, it's going to be Christi or Rand Paul as Veep material- right ANN COULTER?

Happy winter!

If you're not too worn out from shoveling, or if you're snowed in go here for more winter fun.

You might want to mute the sound because of the LOUD annoying ad that autoplays.

Friday, March 02, 2012

So, is Sandra Fluke really a slut?

If nothing else she's apparently very health conscious and NOT on the parents health insurance.
How old is she? (oh, she's 30) If she doesn't have health insurance in that over priced school she's going to, somethings wrong. (Oh...she picked that school BECAUSE they didn't cover contraceptives....)
Maybe Big Education should look to helping the poor students instead of enriching the 1% who call themselves professors?

$1,000 a year for contraception, huh?

Maybe this fits better 
Maybe she's worn out the back seat in this car

Psalm 133 v.1

Because it's our birthday today.

I don't think this idea will fly

Sorry, couldn't help it, but after seeing pictures of the newest flying car- I have doubts about it being a big hit.

Aside from the $279,000 price tag, it's got HUGE blind spots, and kind of looks longer than a pick-up.

Not to mention that that dooch who was tailgating you and then cut you off will want one.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

So,,,What is it with Mormons and baptisms?

The post-mortemesly baptized Anne Frank, and now they're doing Danial Pearl.
So, what does it do? They're dead and had been before this death baptism,,,or whatever they call it.
Do they automatically get PCS orders from their Heaven to the Mormon Version?

"Sorry Anne- just got these PCS orders for you to go over there. Don't ask, it helps to just do whatever stupid chit they want- it's no big deal, put up with it and enjoy a ham sandwich."

Do the Mormons get extra credit when the world finally stops because they spiritually converted them to a religion they may never have heard about?

What a waste of an evening, huh MEEchelle?

Because slumming with those plates of aged Rib-eye for the peons who served in Iran didn't pony up the usual $35,000 for your presence.
Did you know it was bad luck to make a toast with water?
I hope so for your sake in November, Barry.

Liberals will be dancing in the street

Because Andrew Breitbart unexpectedly died last night.

Just Damn...

On this date -in 1861

On this day in 1861, the 2 1/2-year history of the Butterfield Overland Mail in Texas came to an end. The Butterfield line began operations on September 15, 1858. It carried passengers and mail between St. Louis, Memphis, and San Francisco, a distance of 2,795 miles. A government contract called for the company to carry letter mail twice weekly in both directions in four-horse coaches, or spring wagons suitable for carrying passengers. Each trip was to be completed in twenty-five days. The postage rate was ten cents per half ounce. Passenger fare was $200 each way. Stage service in Texas was terminated in March 1861, when an agreement was made to modify the contract and move the route northward out of the state.