Monday, December 19, 2011

Meanwhile @#OccupyTahrirSquare

Police and soldiers using batons and teargas drove stone-throwing protesters out of Cairo's Tahrir Square, hub of the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak in February, overnight.
Hundreds had returned to the square by morning after security forces retreated behind barricades in streets leading to parliament, the cabinet office and the Interior Ministry.

They would be the 99%ers if they could count that high.

Should we really compare this to those clueless hippies @ #OWS encampments?
Who think they're sticking their necks out for *changeiness*? Daring the cops to use teargas and rubber bullets.

Ban Ki-moon "is highly alarmed by the excessive use of force employed by the security forces against protesters, and calls for the transitional authorities to act with restraint and uphold human rights, including the right to peaceful protest", the U.N. Secretary-General's office said in a statement.
The violence has overshadowed the election that is set to give Islamists the biggest bloc in parliament.
The West, long friendly with Mubarak and other regional strongmen who kept a lid on Islamists, has watched warily as Islamist parties have swept elections in Morocco, Tunisia and now Egypt following this year's Arab uprisings.'s that smart diplomacy working out for *democracy* in the Mid-East, Hil? Barry?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thanks Apple

I've been thinking about changing my homepage from

Now your 1/3 page annoying ad just got me to make my homepage

Who's all behind this surge in support?

Is it 'just' the Mittens campaign?
Or- more likely is it the old guard elite East Coast cocktail party Republicans calling in chits to get this flurry of support for Romneycare?

Because he's the next one who deserves to lose to the Democrats?
Telling us what we need to do because they're up in DEEfriggingCEE and they went to the 'right' universities and never had to meet a budget that really mattered to the end fact that they could lose their house or car if they didn't meet it.

Yeah the Liberal business-as-usual-GOP pushing the one THEY decided they want.


Ya know, all this pushing against the tide is really pushing me into the Newt column- just because you're trying so hard for Romney.

Now stop trying to force me to eat my spinach!

So, if you're keeping score

In the WON column we have:

In the LOST column we have:
'Nam (thanks Dems)

And the TIED column is:
Korea (thanks UN)

The reason I left Iraq off for now is that we really don't know what's going to happen over there.
I doubt it'll end up in the WIN column because Barack and the Liberals won't let it. Even if they wanted to- they just ideologically CAN'T let Bush have any credit.
Just look at the spin on this AP piece:

KHABARI CROSSING, Kuwait (AP) — The last U.S. soldiers rolled out of Iraq across the border into neighboring Kuwait at daybreak Sunday, whooping, fist bumping and hugging each other in a burst of joy and relief. Their convoy's exit marked the end of a bitterly divisive war that raged for nearly nine years and left Iraq shattered, with troubling questions lingering over whether the Arab nation will remain a steadfast U.S. ally.
Which is why it's up in the air right now, but my understand in of the muslim thinking is that it'll be aligning with Iran too soon.

...And since we're Libs, we want to make it sound like the country is a wasteland...
Many Iraqis, however, are nervous and uncertain about the future. Their relief at the end of Saddam, who was hanged on the last day of 2006, was tempered by a long and vicious war that was launched to find nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and nearly plunged the nation into full-scale sectarian civil war.

Some criticized the Americans for leaving behind a destroyed country with thousands of widows and orphans, a people deeply divided along sectarian lines and without rebuilding the devastated infrastructure.

Nice spin Yahoo picked for their story.
I REALLY wish we had a search engine with a conservative- or at least neutral- angle on things....

Your feel-good video of the day

If I had tags it would be from Fla.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thre's nothing on TeeWee

So I turned it over to BBCA so I could watch the Gay Irishman- since he's at least entertaining- and the TV guid said he had Izzy Izzard on.
I got there and didn't recognize his guests-
I was expecting this Izzy:

But saw this guy

...Ok...yes he's the grown up Izzy.

Money talks

I wonder who much and what other enticements were spread around from the Romney camp to Glen Beck and Ann Coulter to start bashing Newt.
Nikki Haley and now Cristine O'Donnel  are Tea Partiers that back Mitt- because 'he's the only conservative that can win'...or so they've been paid to say.

It's not that you can't look at Newt winning the 44 seats in the House and forcing Clinton to the right. He is the ONLY Republican that has forced a Liberal Democrat President and Congress to balance the budget.

How can Ann or Glen say that

Mitt frikking Romneycare

is the most conservative Republican out there?

Who else that used to be a conservative is getting a gold plated ticket on the Romney bandwagon?
...And how badly will they twist history to bash Newt?

You know, I'm still open on my vote (except for Mittens), but the way things are going on behind closed doors- the more I'm going to vote for Newt to SPITE the RNC. Hear that John Cornyn- you already lost my vote, how many others do you want to lose?

Friday, December 16, 2011


I'm not watching the endless Republican debates

Because I don't like watching kids squabbling about minutia.
I read about them and get the general take on each candidate.

All (ok- most) of them have their reasons for my vote, but some are out and worth leaving that position blank on Nov. 6th.

After this last debate- Michele Bachman just plopped her butt down besides Romney and Paul. It's not the first time she's made up facts out of whole cloth and if we want a Chief Executive to lie on cue- we already have 0bama.

Except that the newsies would actually point out Michele's ...factual discrepancies.


You people who go to the jobs board of craigslist- the ones posting AVAILABLE jobs. You know the page.

Why do you think that putting your wanting a job there will get you one?
You just went through three pages where you agreed that this was only for posting available jobs- and asking for jobs was somewhere else.

Since you can't follow- or comprehend those simple instructions.
Even if (no, especially if) you're a third year college student.

WHY should anyone hire you since you just proved that you either CAN'T or WONT follow simple instructions?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

If anyone is using VISTA

And I feel sorry for you if you are.

You may be having spyware problems from a virus called Vista Antispyware 2012.

Go here for help removing it.
It's free and working on the wifes computer right now.

You might want to find another vendor, because it'll find the problem- but to fix it you have to BUY the shit.
Maybe they're part of the same .org???

Who ever thought this might not be controversial?

And no one stepped up and said- this crosses the line.


This used to be illegal in most states.

Seems like if the Principle, his Assistant Principles and all those overpaid Administrative Aides didn't stop it- then THAT looks like a real good place to start cutting education costs...

Stolen from IoTW -who's usually got good stuff to steal.


My boots are still wet from yesterday. :-(

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas message

That you will never hear a purported Christian leader say from 1600 Penna. Ave. 

...I really wish we had a real man up there.

Merry Christmas back to you Benjamin

Via IoTW

So, Harry reid doesn't believe in unicorns?

Or that millionaires create jobs?
Just because the Libs at NPR couldn't name any?

How about some right where you're at harry?
Sanfran Nan is worth over $40 million,  her fellow California Commie Dian Feinstein is worth at least $25 million and Barbra Boxer is worth up to $5 million and involved in BoA. Ask them how many people they put to work in their canneries, hotels and banks.

What about Roland Burris? You know, the guy who finally made the winning bid on former 1/2 term Senator 0bamas Senate seat. He's worth about $1.5 million- ask him how many jobs he's created or saved in just the public sector union thugocracy.

Should I go on naming names on just your side?

@ NOT#occupythe train

This is what needs to happen more to the @99%OWS children.

It's in Scots, so you'll have to read the article, too:

Basically mouthy doosh kid only had a one way ticket -the other way and the conductor was telling him to get off.
He refused in a typical #OWS way until someone helped him.


Stocking stuffers

If you have a long stocking...
For only $337 and change,

And for the shorter one, for $355 +

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How many people realize

That the 'workingmans tax break' that President Lightworker wants to extend.

Because it helps so many buy necessary things.
And it's the only thing keeping the economy from imploding...

Is worth about $15 a week? That's not even a tank of gas.

But President Everyman thinks it'll get him re-elected by helping those bitter clingers in flyover country get two six packs a week to drown their troubles.

Always know how high your load is

If you're not sure, measure it.

All underpasses are marked with their minimum height in black letters on a bright yellow sign.
Most trucks are 13' high or below. I've pulled some vans that were taller at 13'6"- but there was warnings you could see in your mirror. I also wrote it on my windshield.

There's also a driver job open in Delta, PA.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Since I'm pissing people off today

May as well go full bore-


Before we go any farther

Who can identify this flag?

Does it bring any visceral reactions up?

I'm asking because people are having a hissy fit about another flag that they say represents all that's bad in old America.

That one flag represents slavery and should be banned- because they don't like it.
That would be this one:

But others say it represents history and shouldn't be censored.

But if you're going to ban the second one, then you should also ban this one- because it, too flew over a growing country who supported slavery even after the civil war.
Longer than the two dozens of flags that flew over the Confederacy.

A quick question for y'all

Have you got a drivers license?
Drive any kind of four-wheeler (car, pick-up, SUV)?
Then you *REALLY* need to read this.

Believe me, you do- because I drive a big truck and have to put up with you every day, too.

North brought up crappy CDL drivers.
If you get around one who's driving badly- tailgating, lane jumping, trailer whipping....He's usually got a nice big name on his truck, get the cab number or the trailer number and note the time, date, hwy, location and direction of travel. when you can look up the company and e-mail or call and let them know what the driver was doing.
If for no other reason than insurance reasons.

I've written in about driving habits of some of our local haulers and noticed a change in attitude.
Of course mentioning that I have a CDL-A with X and T and don't like their trucks tailgating my pick-up when I'm in a restricted lane and doing 10 over might get their attention better...

Not something I really wanted to know...

But this is what happens to Kim  Kardashians old panties.

Did anyone bring chips?

This should be fun to watch. The mommas boys and over-educated slackers are planning on shutting down all the west coast ports and the union thugs don't want them to be.

Any guesses on who'll win the thug on dork violence?

Hope there's pics, but I have to got fuel equipment for those shovel-ready infrastructure jobs we already have started.

...with private money.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

starting to like "Hell on Wheels"

At first I didn't, but it is as realistic as TeeWee is going to get now-a-days.
It shows how Credit Moblier is going to screw the .GOV just like every other entity that ever did business with them- with the willing collusion of elected officials.

An added bonus is Colm Meaney who  plays Thomas Durant, the pusher of the most advanced transportation technology of the 19th century...just like he was fixing the most advanced transportation technology of the 25th century about twenty years before...

At least he's keeping it in the trade, huh?

This could be a big reason for where we're at right now

Does anyone see anything odd about this first sentence?

The junior senator from Texas is decidedly unenthusiastic about the current state of the institution he joined nine years ago.

Here, let me help you-
The junior senator from Texas is decidedly unenthusiastic about the current state of the institution he joined nine years ago.

There, better?
The rest of James Taranto's spiel is about the need to pick up four seats in the Senate.

Actually it's five because Kay Bailey-Hutchison (says she) isn't running again.
Ummm,,,make that six, because I'm not going to vote for John Cornyn again, either. I asked for help following up on a Navy background check that would have taken about five minutes worth of calls from one of his overpaid aides, but got bupkis- so I'll be returning the favor next time around, and the time after that etc...

Government milk

For Liberals

Stolen from IOtW

One more reson NOT to vote for Mittens

Because we must all get along :-)

H/T Pundit Press

They went there last night?

The Liberal 'moderators' of the debate brought up infidelity and leadership?

In what could have been the most devastating portion of the debate for Gingrich, a candidate now married to his third wife, the moderators asked whether someone who had cheated on a spouse could be trusted to run the country. Each candidate was given an opportunity to attack Gingrich on the issue before he could respond.

Seriously Dian Sawyer and Gerorge Snufalophigus?
Can I remind you how you defended this guy until you couldn't anymore?


Following the newest Democrate meme

WOAI 1200AM the talk radio station in San Antonio (which plays a majority of conservative programs) has declaired El Paso the safest big city in the United States.

They don't say WHO decided that, but it works with the sanctuary city propaganda. Being that there were only five murders there in the last year as opposed to 3,000 across the river in Juarez, Mexico.

So- naturally El Paso is a shining example of why allowing illegals to wander around freely is good- because they're not afraid to talk to 'la ley'. . . as opposed to Juarez where they're ALL legal and should be able to report anything- right?

El Paso is considered a 'Sanctuary City,' where police don't ask individuals they come into contact with about their immigration status.

"Programs which put local law enforcement to work for federal immigration agencies are notorious for driving a wedge between the immigrant community and police," the Border Network's Cristina Parker said.  "The major law enforcement executives from every large city and county in Texas have made it clear that community security suffers when immigrant communities stop cooperating with local police."

So, all sanctuary cities are examples of low crime? Since illegals are ready to talk to the cops? Houston is a sanctuary city, so is Austin, Dallas and San Antonio- just in Texas.

I'd also like to remind The Border Network for Human Rights that those bastions of peace, love and safety called LA, Oakland, Detroit and Philly are ALL sanctuary cities too.