Thursday, June 30, 2011

Iz the hole intratubz slow?

Or are the servers of the company I'm working for really slow?
My Speakeasy speed test tells me I'm getting like 7MG downloads and 1Mg uploads which is almost four times as fast as what I'm paying for at home, but this computer is acting like I'm back on WildBlue with a TOS restriction on me.

Anyway, I'm getting used to the humidity.
The Texas gulf coast is booming with the oil and gas coming online.
There are almost no rentals available in a price I want to pay.
AEP has decided that they'd rather put their customers in the dark with expensive electricity than be teased for using naturally occurring fuel for their power plants and are going to shut down the coal plants and rely on solar and wind.

I wonder if that RV park/cabin rental has any fire arms recreation on their ten acres outside of Rockport? That should be worth the rent and ride to town...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ok Tom- I get it now

All those floods in the Dakotas and southward are the result of AGW.

Because AGW is causing all those glaciers in Canada to melt into America.

...And it will happen again if we don't do SOMPIN' about it now. just like three years ago when it first happened, because those stoopid Canadian glaciers just ...melt when they want to- And we can travel the Northwest Passage like they told us we could back in 1987.

Different mindsets

Something Midwest Chick said made me remember when the wife first got here from Britain.

Midwest is talking about the floods up in the Dakotas, and the personal responsibility the people are showing...the Anti-Katrina mindset.

Anyway, when Karen first came over, she couldn't understand how we didn't want the .GOV involved in everything we did. I told her it was because we couldn't trust them to do it better than we could- mostly.

What I said was basically- you have had some kind of central gov't since the Romans were there. You've had gov't roads, some kind of gov't schooling, poor houses, laws from either Rome, the King, or London.

In America, once you got beyond the Appalachians- you were pretty much on your own.
You had to rely on your neighbors for anything you couldn't do yourself.
Neigbors got together for barn raisings, house raisings, taking care of those shifty people that somehow things went missing when they were around.
The .GOV didn't- and couldn't build roads or supply a school, build bridges that would make it easier for everyone- citizens got together and did it because it needed to be done.

She just couldn't fathom someone being out of reach of a central government, because she was born with the knowledge that a central gov't was and will always be there.
Now that she's in the wilds of Texas, she's starting to understand- and even starting to have contempt for the people she half-heartedly defended when she first got here.

Yes, we're making progress. All we need now is to come up with about $850 that we can do without so she can become a citizen and vote against Urkle.

My first thought was do they hablas Anglis?

Then I saw they caught two teen that were vandalizing flags put up for the Fourth.
But it being Pittsburgh, you never know...

Monday, June 27, 2011

What does NSFW mean to you?

David over at Random Nuclear Strikes has one that he says isn't NSFW, but may cause gagging- and stuff.

So is this video of a Russian drug addict getting what's left of his leg sawn off NSFW, or is that now just regulated to pr()n?

What it is- before you jump over there, is some druggie who let himself get so far gone- that he let his gangrene rot. The. Meat. Off. His. Shin. And. Calf.
The entire lower leg is draped over his ankle like a limp meat sock. All you see is two white bones.

Gross, but work-safe?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Newest poll: BTO express

The Fox news mouthpiece Chris Wallace of the questionable eyes asked Michelle Bachman the question that will be the core of the LSM attacks on her for the next 15 months.
That question from the optically questionable Wallace was" "Are you a flake?"

So I guess we can make a poll of who is flakier than Michelle Bachman? free polls
Which so-called news anchor is flakier than Michelle Bachman?
Chrissie (tingles) matthews Rachel Madcow 
Jon Stewart Sgt. Ed Schultz 
The Warlock!   

We finally end the Mittens Poll

We had 83 votes- out of I don't know how many repeats.
And it was pretty close between 'we have to get him in' and 'everyone but him'.

The breakdown goes:
Every Repub- but Mitt 30% @ 25 votes
We need to take 1600 Penn Ave 27% @ 22 votes
Write-in 18% @ 15 votes
Third party 16& @ 13 votes
Stay home 10% @ 8 votes
Say what you will, Mittens has definitely alienated the base.
OR the base remembers where he's from.

As always you can still vote, but it doesn't count any more.

So, Chris Wallace are you a real newsman?

Or are you just as drugged up as your eyes make you look?

I figured that was as fair a question as you asking Michelle Bachman if she was a "flake".
Yeah, thanks for giving the Left and MSM (but I repeat myself)a nice handy tagline for her campaign.

Back at the other lair

It took just under three hours at close to 75.

What a bunch of clueless f*cks wandering all over the road.

But hopefully my modded trencher will make my job a lot easier.

Just out of curiosity

Do they lock down the golf course when the Duffer in Chief decides to relax after a hard week of fund-raising?
Because those guys at Andrews just got shafted two days in a row if they shut it down for Himself.

I mean those wing-wipers need a chance to hit the links sometimes, too ya know.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

For Eric

The Straight White Guy- who loves Adak so much:

The sign says "You are now entering and leaving The Adak National Forest".

Those were the ONLY trees on that island.

Wouldn't that just make your disaster complete?

Your just shaking off the tornado, or fire, or earthquake and you find out the "Chocolate City" Ray Nagin is going to be the disaster consultant (whatever that is).

Oh, yeah, he wrote a book, too-
But in recounting the hot, harrowing days after the storm, Nagin also portrays himself sympathetically, as a decisive, honest executive who faced daunting tasks, from evacuating starving residents to pumping floodwaters back into Lake Pontchartrain to establishing rules for rebuilding.

At a news conference Wednesday, the mayor-turned-disaster consultant called writing the book a “therapeutic” experience.

Ummm, yeah- because you were so organized and everybody else fell down on the job.

Nagin also worried about becoming a target of sinister forces after his famous Sept. 1, 2005, rant on WWL-AM, which the former mayor writes was prompted by reports that Blanco and U.S. Sens. Mary Landrieu and David Vitter had bragged “about how well things were going,” even as evacuees continued to suffer at the Superdome and Convention Center.

“I thought to myself, ‘I’m a dead man! I have just publicly denounced the governor, U.S. Senators, FEMA and the president of the United States,’” he writes. “I started wondering if during the night I would be visited by specially trained CIA agents. Could they secretly shoot me with a miniature, slow-acting poison dart?

Be sure to get your paperback now. I'm sure Larry Correa could use some hints in his next book.

Dear Israel-

Sink. It.

Friday, June 24, 2011

...And your status as an illegal is my problem exactly how?

ATLANTA (AP) -- Eighteen-year-old Dulce Guerrero kept quiet about being an illegal immigrant until earlier this year, when she became upset after a traffic stop that landed her mother in jail for two nights. The arrest came as Georgia lawmakers were crafting what would become one of the nation's toughest immigration crackdowns, and Guerrero feared her mother would be deported.

Okaaay...??? That would suck, wouldn't it?
Did mom have a license? Insurance? Was the car legally hers?

"I feel like that was my breaking point, when my mom was in jail," said Guerrero, who came to the U.S. from Mexico when she was 2. "I felt like, well, that's it, it can't get any worse than this. My mother has been to jail."

She came from Mexico when she was two- did she crawl on her own?

Guerrero is the chief organizer of a rally set for Tuesday at the Georgia State Capitol for high school-age illegal immigrants to tell their stories. The recent high school graduate and others hope to draw attention to the plight of the hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents.

Already around the country, efforts by young activists have ranged from rallies and letter-writing to sit-ins and civil disobedience, drawing inspiration from civil rights demonstrations decades ago, with the aim of forcing the federal government to reform rules for immigrants in their situation.

You know, that really sounds like a family problem to me.
Why should we change our laws because your parents brought you into the country illegally sixteen years ago?
They had sixteen years to get their immigration status right- but didn't.
You knew you were illegal, but did nothing about it, and now you want the rest of legal Americans and resident aliens to give you a free pass.
You've been living for free in America for SIXTEEN YEARS- puta, and no one in your family ever heard about people trying to get a handle on your kind of lawbreakers?

Your family's decided to break the law.
Your parents decided to do nothing about changing their status.
You are not even ashamed of being a lawbreaker.

I hope when you start disrupting shit, that they DO deport your dumb ass, and if you don't want to break up your family, they can go with you.

Ruuuuucy, I hoooome!

I'm burnt out from the heat and humidity of the coast- and it wasn't really that hot.
From my first drop to my last, I'm wringing wet, but I don't remember it being like this ten years ago.

I need to modify my trencher (and bring a weed-eater down) to try something that'll trench through carpet grass without tearing it up.
I'm thinking of bolting a 10" saw blade to the rotor to cut through that tangled sh1t, and then I can start making real money.

Right now I can barely get 6 yards done before I need to stop..because all I did for over 8 months was sit by the computer in an air conditioned house.

I'll get used to it, but I hope it doesn't take too long.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

To the troops in A-Stan right now

After hearing your new operations plan here are some ...probably not unthought-of ideas.

Stay low, stay out of the way, stay in a safe zone- OR phone in the overlay of your ops cycle from a safe hooch. Nobody is going to turn you in for not going after gooks when you all know you're being pulled out.

Don't be the last to die for this updated photo-op:
Because with Urkel in the White House, that's what it'll be.

I missed Wednesdays girl

So, to make it up you get two in one!

Their names are Magenta and Columbia.

Caution it's rated R because Susan Sarandon is singing-
I'd say mute it, but Magenta has such a deep sexy voice that you'd miss everyting if you did.

Cash for clunkers- the petroleum version

So, the IEA is going to let 60 million barrels of oil go from their(our) emergency reserves.
This in spite of Saudi making plans to pump more of their oil to make up the shortfall of expected use.

So what were doing is dumping a crapload a bunch of oil into the market to lower the cost right before November. I didn't think 60 million barrels would have that much affect on the markets because that's probably not even a days worth of oil consumption in Europe. I'm sure we use about that much here.

So, back to the title.
Urkel decided to boost the sales of GovtMotors by handing out cash when someone traded in their old car for one of his. They then destroyed the cars.

Now there are less used cars on the road, we're never going to get the Gov out of GM- and used cars are almost as expensive as new ones- I know because Thing-1 needed another vehicle.

Now the IEA is dumping oil and leaning on people to drop their oil futures prices.
oil will be less expensive for a while, then the IEA is going to start buying oil again to make up for the dump.

What do you think will happen with oil prices then?

.....With a new Republican Congress and maybe president, too.

Drunk, stoned or illiterate?

I'm looking at some housing around here that costs less than I was barganing on because it doesn't look like I'll be making as much as I thought I would.
I was looking at options when this caught my eye:

Think he's gotten many takers?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm used to starting work at 7AM

I am also used to driving almost an hour to get to work at 7 AM.

I'm living in a motel on the company dime about 10 min. from work.
The company we're subs for doesn't open until 8AM.

The Guys that hired me don't show up until about 10AM.

I had 7 scheduled drop buries today and still got done before 4:00PM.
(I couldn't do two, so did five in seven hours)
I'll do better tomorrow and make up what I didn't earn today.

So- this is what normal people do- drive to work and get done and not be away from the house for 10- 1523 hours?

Down here in Portland, Tx.

Man, I forgot just how 100% humidity sucks.

Well, off to see how bad the new job is.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I see John McCain Huntsman just formally announced his candidacy

So now, as I've been hearing on the radio that he's going to be the new Reagan- as far as the MSM is putting it out.

The former governor of Utah, Huntsman, 51, is lagging in polls of Republicans but has a high profile in the media and worries the Democratic Obama administration because of his possible cross-party appeal.
Ahhh- another media darling, just like the 'maverick' John McCain.

He promised to conduct his campaign "on the high road" and respect Republican rivals as well as Obama, who leads most opinion polls of the 2012 presidential race.

"I respect the president. The question each of us wants the voters to answer is who will be the better president; not who's the better American."

Where have we heard that before?

But hey! He has all kinds of foreign policy experience because he was 0bamas boy in China.
...And I'd like to remind everyone that anyone who's gotten anything from this administration has bought it- somehow.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to the third world San Antonio!

Look forward to:
  • More rolling power outages!
  • More unannounced outages!
  • Higher energy costs! No- higher that that.
  • Costlier land!
  • More expensive food!
  • More expensive gas!
  • More unemployment!
  • Intrusive 'smart grid' technologies that regulate your thermostat and other appliances.
But, HEY we're getting rid of those smelly, evil coal-fired multi-megawatt power stations and replacing them with unicorn farts.

"We're glad to see that it will be going away," Environment Texas Director Luke Metzger said in a news release. "We applaud Mayor Castro (DEMOCRAT) and CPS Energy for their leadership in designing an energy future that will bring clean air and green jobs to Texas instead of more asthma attacks and poisoned waters. Solar is clean, never runs out and will bring high-paying jobs to the Alamo city."
...Except that the sun sets at night and the wind isn't always blowing, and how many people will die because of all those new power losses and being unable to afford to run their air conditioners in the 100+ degree Texas summers?

Just out of curiosity- who is the Clean Air Task Force?
According to a study by the Clean Air Task Force, power plant pollution in Bexar County is linked to 282 asthma attacks and 11 deaths every year.

You know a star athlete

and then you have a guy that just shows up for the race- and skis all the way down on his face?
Then the poseur wants to make like they're buds?

Yeah, I thought you knew...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just out of curiosity

If you were really worried about global warming flooding the coastline,  would you buy an almost $9 million dollar house about a mile from the coast?

Didn't think so, do you wonder if AlGore knows something he's not telling us?

Have I got a car for you! Her name is 'Christine'.

Where were you in June 1988?

I was suffering my last year in CBU 408 to be able to go home with my honorable discharge in my nicotine stained fingers.

I was reminded of the brilliant testimony of one James Hanson(NASA weather geek) while reading this Powerline post about the fraud that is AGW.

I took the time to look it up (about 5 seconds) and to scan through it (about 5 excruciating minutes that I'll never get back), to find that in his entire testimony to the U.S. Senate the sun was never mentioned as a source of heat, light, radiation or...anything. No one in the Senate committee room (which had the A/C turned off) even bothered to mention it either.

He did, however say that AGW was already happening, but they couldn't prove it- and that by now the entire midwest was going to be a new desert.

You know, after reading it to find a screencap, I'm surprised that it doesn't 'really' say anything.
It's a bunch of scientifically worded guesses, and loopholes that say "we think the world is going to get hotter, but can't tell because it's climate and not weather"
But that's OK because we got our message out in this un-necessarily hot room as a point.
I'm also (not really- because connections) that-  all you need to get a hearing in the Senate was some lame piece of paper with a crapload of scientific sounding guesses ...that didn't say anything- to convince the Powers-That-Be to start fucking up the country like they have been.

I can't help it- sorry

The only TEE party the Chicago Jeezus can stand:

Nice photo-op of all three of the leadership chain of command.
But, then it's a military base- who ever heard of someone going postal with a pistol there?

Color me surprised

That nobody has taken a torch to the abandoned Six Flags in 'nawlins yet to start 'reclaiming' steel.

As good as it looks, I'd say no-one's thought about all that copper in those electric motors either...

You mean that excessive exposure to radiation is bad?

That too many X-rays could turn into something we don't want?

“The primary concern relates to radiation exposure,” said Dr. James A. Brink, chief of diagnostic radiology at Yale-New Haven Hospital, where double scans accounted for only a fraction of 1 percent of cases. He added: “It is incumbent upon all of us to limit it to the amount needed to make a diagnosis.”

I sure am glad the .GOV isn't forcing people to have multiple X-rays of unknown dosage operated by people who got their jobs from a pizza box.

Dear Uncle Sugar

Please send money.

The Libyan rebels

BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – Rebels waging a drawn-out war to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have run out of money, their oil chief said on Saturday, and he accused the West of failing to keep its promises of urgent financial aid.

You know, we should really be taking this thing seriously, but I can't.

"We are running out of everything. It's a complete failure. Either they (Western nations) don't understand or they don't care. Nothing has materialized yet. And I really mean nothing," rebel oil chief Ali Tarhouni said in an interview with Reuters.

It's not that they don't care or understand,,,
It's more like the ones running your show in NATO are so unused to being leaders in anything except increasing Socialist entitlements that they don't have a clue about fighting a war.
As fare as president Gutzy Kall goes, THESE are the people running his administration.

So good luck with your war and if you're still around in 2013- I'm sure something positive will get thrown your way.