Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The value of a fundamental education

is so that you can see through, and laugh at the obvious attention whoring that is the father of 'The Balloon Boy.'
I don't know if he's really that ignorant, or just pulling numbers out of his @ss, because frankly- I couldn't stand to watch the whole train wreck of scientific ignorance.

Really. I shut it off when I learned that the balloon was held up by "one million volts of electricity" which holds up a cloud that has the equivalent of three cubic feet of water that weighs .... 1700 pounds.

Ok now, enjoy the science that comes for your public schools.

And I bet he brings in a million dollars of .GOV money for future transportation needs.

I don't know how to categorize this

I'm looking at the back of an envelope from the Treasury Dept.- specifically the IRS, which happens to be lead by a seven year long tax dodger.

But, the back of this envelope sent by the administration who has tripled our national debt in the first two years of their reign.
And wants to spend even more money we don't have...

Is telling me to:

Yes Timmy, I actually DO know how to manage my money...when I have enough to make it stretch to pay my bills.

Unfortunately, I don't have printing presses that can deforest entire stands of old growth timber to print trillions of even more and more worthless dollars.

They are your people, Democrats

Own it.
That's what fifty years worth of social engineering gets you when you tell people how special they are and that they get different treatment because of the color of their skin.

Then you make excuse, after excuse and completely remove any social stigmas against promiscuity and amoral behavior. You reward laziness and illiteracy and encourage blacks to stay on your plantation by demonizing any that dare to try to live the American dream, or even to have the audacity to make something of themselves by NOT using your social engineering for a free ride.

It's made out of people!

Pepsi is making flavor enhancers out of PEOPLE!

Well, actually the politically correct term is nonviable tissue masses.

but, then why should anyone object to making flavor enhancers out of the kidneys of an aborted fetus? I mean it's not like there was some limited supply, or anything...

I see your Stevie


And raise you a video with Stevie on the baton:

Yeah,,,and it's till a classic.

Monday, May 30, 2011

That's my school district they're talking about

And both of the recent grads say basically "screw him, let him stay away.'

Because he and his parents are trying to stop a 50 year tradition of south central Texas- in the student lead invocation at their graduation ceremony.

The suit was filed on behalf of Christa and Danny Schultz, who have two children in the Medina Valley Independent School District, including one graduating on June 4, according to the San Antonio Express.

The group wants the school district to remove a student-led invocation and benediction, but the school district says that the remarks do not violate any laws or school policy, according to the Express.

"Public schools can't require students to take part in religious worship as the price of attending their graduation. This is settled law, and the district needs to stop resisting it," the Rev. Barry Lynn, the group's executive director, told the paper.

The article doesn't say which socialist state they emigrated from, because we know- this isn't Austin.
Which means they're not from Texas.

And if you were from Texas you'd know that there are no Saguaro in Texas.

Does anyone notice distractions on websites?

I try not to look at ads and shiny, glitzy things when I'm reading things.
I don't pay much attention to commercials on radio or TeeWee either.

I was looking for an old e-mail and was looking in the dashboard for options when I saw this, in recycling tips (in the grey strip).

I know Google tracks my browser habits, but what kind do you think they have for readers of the Daily Krotch and the DU?

Lets guess who they voted for-

Young (mostly).
Lack of foresight.

Yep, they have to be 0bama voters.

....And, yes- I did laugh at some of them.

What is wrong with just respecting Memorial Day?

The Community Organizer in Chief stopped by Arlington on the way to the golf course and mouthed some meaningless platitudes about the people who died so he could end up where he is.

Then he decided that Memorial Day wasn't good enough and declared it to be a day of prayer, because it's not good enough if it can't be made about Him, somehow.

.....Now where have I seen that salute before?

Nahh.......Benny was a Squaddie....
Where have I seen such a sloppy salute in the media....

The Naval hero Thurston Kerry III

He was in Nam, ya know.

Weekly poll- The Sarah Show

No- I'm not talking about that Liberal semi-cute Jewish comedienne in Hollywood.
I'm talking about 'HER", and the fact that we can joyfully watch Liberals heads explode all week like she was Slim Whitman singing to the Martians.

pollcode.com free polls
Will Sarah Palin run?
Yes- she'll be our Republican nominee
No- she won't get on the ballot
No- she'll be backing the candidate she thinks is best for America
No- she'll be out there laughing at Liberals wetting their pants about her maybe getting in.

The Newton poll- results

Our last poll broke pretty much into two camps again with 44 votes, the major vote getter being
  • Newt will never quit 21 votes @ 48%
  • when it dawns on him being a laughing stock 18 votes @41%
Now, I didn't say anything when I saw that last getting votes to see where it went- but you people need to remember that our boy Newt is a compleat political animal and cannot see just how stupid his actions are to normal people. He'd never see himself as anything less than some minor god.

The other results were:
  • After his money runs out (which I see as the most likely) 5 votes @ 11%
  • Next time he puts his foot in 0 votes
At least we didn't have any smart-@sses trying to be funny like last time (not that I care since this is as scientific as the PPP polls are)
You can see it here and still vote- but it won't count.

Well, that's the kiss of death

Sorry Sarah, but if the 'maverick' John McCain endorsed you it's over before it starts.
I like you and would vote for you because you're real.

Plus I love to watch Liberals heads explode whenever they hear your name.
But having the guy Who inadvertently started the whole hat train rolling and talked more respectfully about a complete Marxist than he did you, is...... not helpful.

I think Sarah might have a chance to make it onto the ticket, but as much shit as she has from everyone in the media- including unfunny, very tall female comedians who put lies in her mouth, she just won't crack the undecided (non-political) vote.

So we have to go with probably a relative unknown and not let the Liberal media pick our nominee.

Sorry Rudy, Mitt- you both lost to our head loser last time, you proved how bad you were so just leave some money in the election fund on the way out.

K? TnX-Bai.

I know it's a day of remembrance

But here is something to lighten your day from Brits who love America more than the president.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Look! Book-ends

and a recycled slogan to boot!

Prosperity is just around the corner!

Ok you newsies

Quit picking on MEchelle, it's taking a toll.

The turnover, greater than under recent first ladies, underscores the pressure and high expectations of working in an operation known for its polish and discipline. A crucial political asset to her husband and his administration, Obama has enjoyed consistently high job approval ratings because of charm, activism — and by avoiding mistakes and controversy.

BWAHAHAHA..........oh, sorry this is serious.

“She is, if possible, under more scrutiny than even other modern first ladies, being the first African-American first lady,” said Katherine Jellison, a history professor at Ohio University who specializes in first ladies. “She also represents a new generation, really the first post-boomer generation of first lady.”

Sources familiar with the East Wing, who asked not to be named discussing internal dynamics, described the first lady’s office as a challenging workplace, where grueling hours and the expectations of a formidable boss intensify the demands of managing a popular first lady’s schedule, image and agenda.

So girls, did you bring your own knee pads, or just lie on your back on the table with your mouth open?

How cloying can you get AP?

F*cking. Just. Gage. Me. With a. Tire spoon.

The 'Healer-in-chief'- Krist

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is pivoting from diplomacy on the world stage to the intimate and delicate domestic task of acting as healer-in-chief to a devastated community.


It's a role Obama has had to assume with increasing frequency of late, after the mass shooting in Arizona in January in which Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was injured, when tornadoes struck Tuscaloosa, Ala., last month and more recently when flooding from the Mississippi inundated parts of Memphis, Tenn.

Such moments can help define a president, but habitually even-tempered Obama is more apt to offer handshakes and hugs than tears and deep emotion.

Though times of trouble can erase politics and unite people, a phenomenon Obama has commented on, his task as healer Sunday will be carried out on unfriendly political ground as his re-election campaign approaches

Yeah, what's up with that?
I thought that when Gawds-other-son arose to the presidency all that bad stuff was supposed to stop. He told us Himself.

BTTW, Mr. Bi-partsan 'Healer-in-Chief'- are you going to take the target off our backs down here in Texas any time soon?

-And thanks for all the help with our millions of acres worth of wild fires.

Off to the memory hole

with Anthony Wieners wiener- and the co-ed he was having some kind of private tweetary with.

And I notice that the Liberals at Google are willing partners in the disappearing of Gennette Nicole Cordova from their internet spanning search archives.
Since if you now Google "Gennette Nicole Cordova" you get 60 results- all beginning last night and from conservative bloggers.

If you look for the completely innocent of anything amoral tweet-name of "Gennette Nicole" you get 661- none older than May 28 2011.
-And almost all from conservative bloggers.

It's almost like someone is covering for their fellow amoral Liberal brother in arms...

From the people who dare you to question their patriotism

Happy Memorial Day from the Left.

Just wondering

If blackie-O is such a fashion trendsetter and all, why don't we see the fawning newsies wearing boobie belts and sweaters they pulled off of kindergartners?
Not to mention those recycled sofa covers she likes to wear...

I mean, really Someone is getting big bucks to dress her so we're not embarrassed by what she wears- right?
Another example of .GOV waste.

But, ya know,,,I really should cut her some slack about those sweaters, because it's got to be chilly when you shave off all that hair you were born with.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Will. You . Stop. That! She said


Because he doesn't like you stepping on his tail.

Yes he does.

How do you figure that?

Because if he didn't, he'd leave when my foot got close to his tail.

So we've got another loser thinking about running

So all we have is another retread who couldn't even get nominated over a complete RINO, who lost to an empty suit.

Sarah is doing her part by causing Liberal heads to explode every time her name is brought up. Which I love to watch.
But although I'd vote for her, I don't think she's got a chance with the entire media assault on her and her family and a certain very tall liberal female 'comedienne' putting lies into her mouth.

So far the only names I'd think about voting for are Cain, Bolton, Thad Mc Cotter and maybe Bachman.
BUT- the country club, go-along ruling class Republican mainstream will fight any one of them from getting the nomination. So they're going to force us to vote for their warm spit candidate or the third party....

This should be fun to watch

Sorry to Bushwack and the conservative bloggers out there in the Peoples Democratic Republic of California.
But according to the Sacramento Bee, there is going to be a complete Democrat takeover of the entire government.

The Democratic governor plans to present a revised budget plan this morning. But as his negotiations with Republican lawmakers drag on – Brown needs two Republican votes in each house to put tax extensions on a ballot – frustrated Democrats are increasingly looking to 2012.

“It’s absolutely clear the only permanent solution for California’s problems is to elect a two-thirds majority of Democrats in each house of the Legislature,” Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez, D-Los Angeles, told delegates at the recent California Democratic Party convention. “That work must begin today.”

For Democrats, the circumstances are encouraging. Though the commission redrawing legislative districts is likely to shift some seats from coastal to more conservative inland areas, Republicans continue to have difficulty capturing a minority population that is growing statewide. Republican voter registration has declined so precipitously that the party, while maintaining a registration advantage over Democrats in some counties, no longer holds a majority in any.

There are two reasons for that. First most of the job producing go-getters are leaving Kali, and the second is that all those illegals that they let vote.

Now, all we have to do is sit back and watch them tax themselves out of existence.
Of course- somehow the entire United States will end up bailing them out with absolutely NO requirements for financial responsibility.

Just like GM.

I'm not really worried about Thing-2 and grand-Thing 2.5 because they're safely behind a security fenced Camp Pendelton.

Bush, and all the rest, we've got work in Texas...
Just try not to drive like too much of an @sshole.

Via RT.


Oh look, Kalifornia is already trying to outlaw Independence Day.
Keep going Liberals.

Don't f*ck it up too bad, we might want need to sell you back to Mexico.

Friday, May 27, 2011

That's a $2,000 dress?

You've got to be sh1tting me.

It looks like she mugged some homeless woman for it, except for the whole silk looking mini-sweater...or whatever it is.

For all you would-be BBQ grill makers

Here's a quick PSA about how NOT to blow yourself up when torching a bottle or barrel.

Fill it with water BEFORE you make the first cut. That forces the flammable fumes out- and if there are any burnables left, they'll just burn instead of exploding.

Now I want to get a 40# gas cylinder and cut it into a grill to replace the old one.
Too bad I don't have a torch available right now.

I guess we could blame BP for sea turtle death

But not directly from their spill in the gulf last summer.
And the botched aftermath of the most eco-friendly administration America has ever seen.

There are/were an elevated number of the endangered Kemps-Riley sea turtle along the upper gulf coast and NOAA says it's not because of BP.

They blame shrimpers.
I lived on the gulf coast and know how much shrimp are lost from TEDs -which isn't a very small number, but how disliked they are because of the intrusive .GOV that enforces that rule.

I also know how easy it is to tie them shut and get that many more shrimp per pull.
What better way to cover your tracks than to disable a TED during a oil spill?

I thought even the MSM go tired

of lying about the fasion sense of MEchelle sometime last year?
But NOooooo, Yahoo found someone who's taste in fugly clothes are worse than Blackie-O's.
She's (it has to be a woman because gays have a better fashion sense than this) drooling all over the front of her dress over boobie belts, grandmas old sofa cover, stewardess uniforms and those stoopid mini sweaters the worst lady like to steal from Kindergartners.

Court jester or fashion maven?

WTF Archie?

Johnny Horton tells a story

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why yes actually

I do like boogie-

What is it?

A box?


A cat-house!

Thank you!
I'll be here all week.

As the 0bama tongue bath continues

in the British tabloids.
We could rephrase part of a headline to say ...'a rather poorly placed photographer.'

Not to mention the flat-out misrepresentation right in front of our eyes-

The copy reads:

"Loving glance: The Presidential couple share a moment as they await the royals arrival for the meal - which was held as a thank you for Tuesday night's state banquet.

Gag. Me.
You just know they're laughing about how they're getting over on whitey and can hardly hold back a fist-bump.