Monday, February 28, 2011

I know what you're going to say

...EEwww- grosse!!

I just got done feeding the children some leftover spaghetti, and the little black one is on my lap helping me drink some wine.
See, she's not exactly swilling it, more like licking it off the rim. She likes blush, but won't touch Sangria.

Now I wait for all the PETArds to show up and accuse me of animal cruelty.

What? The alcohol kills the germs.

If I did want to buy a G.M. vehicle...

-Not that I would spend my money on something that stole 70% of their stockholders property to reward jackbooted union thugs...

But if I could get around that, why would I want to reward any existing GM dealership for their exceedingly generous contributions to the DNC and the 0bama machine?
Because in that (non)surprising bit of political retribution, the only dealers who didn't have their dealerships yanked out from under them were big time DNC donors.

Again- f*ck GM
-and Chrysler.

Oh come ON Nancy

You Democrats have had schools in Wisconsin shut down going on two weeks because your Unions are protesting on a sick-out.
But you want to try claiming you're FOR the children?

Pelosi said in a statement that the GOP's plan for a two-week spending bill cuts funding for critical programs.

"Republicans want to cut an additional $4 billion, which includes stripping support for some pressing educational challenges without redirecting these critical resources to meet the educational needs of our children," Pelosi said in a statement. "This is not a good place to start."

Nancy Pelosi -if you wanted a say in this years budget; I'd like to remind you- that if you had passed it SIX MONTHS AGO when it was due, you could have had anything you wanted in it.
BUT, no! You wanted to play some kind of 'got-cha' politics with the finances of the entire nation instead of doing your job.

Well at least for now you're still the leader of the new MINORITY that you so rightfully deserve.

Obama: "Stop dissing my money train"

Because the same people who are getting paid to protest, attack and beat up people who dare to disagree with them are being unfairly singled out.

The president, speaking Monday to a group of governors at the White House, warned against using public servants as scapegoats, a not-so-subtle reference to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) pursuit of legislation that would eliminate collective bargaining rights for public workers.

“I don’t think it does anybody any good when public servants are denigrated, or vilified, or have their rights infringed upon,” Obama said.

On the wrong side again, huh Barry?

I read about North Dakota's 3.5 unemployment yesterday

So I kind of started looking at things. If I'm going to move up thee, I want a steady job, so I found what I think is their version of Texas' TML.
I found the list of member cities that have websites. Two things I've noticed is that the vast majority end in .com or .org instead of or some other non commercial address, and of the 15- or so that I've looked at only Bismark included job openings.

I've seen lots of openings, but I really don't want to explore them, because they don't pay enough foe me to really want to work outside in -50 degree weather, or pay state income tax.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I guess people are starting to arrive at the Oscars

From what I can see on my Yahoo home page and the pictures of those on the red carpet.
You know, if this wasn't a bunch of rich Hollywood lefties, and a group of conservatives wanting 'real' change in DC- someone might call them racists.

And some might mention the monochrome nature of the entire group who supposedly worships multiculturalism to the point of making color a job qualification.

But, since this is Hollywood, the fact that not one colored person got nominated isn't racism- because Liberals can't be racist.

Wherever you stand on issues

If we can agree with something, I'll go with you.
Just like Ex-Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah), when he warned about teabaggers.

Actually, we don't agree with that. What we agree on is this-
"If you're going to nominate a national candidate, don't make the mistake of assuming that those who attend the early caucuses and the early primaries speak for the nation as a whole," Bennett said on Fox News. "If you're going to have a national candidate, you'd better have a national view."

Which is why we had RINO for our Presidential bid. I'm still pissed about those east-coast Libs and yankees giving all those RINOs the thumbs up while the ONLY conservative dropped before the last 30 states got a chance top vote FOR him.

If all I have to choose from in 2012 is those f*cking retreads that LOST and no conservatives- I'm going top vote third party.

Yes, I'm STILL pissed about that B.S. slate Texas got to choose from in our primary.

Her name

Is Kimberly Joseph

You're welcome.

The one that seemed to start the whole hot redhead spokesbabe thing (no matter how big and black your eyebrows are) at Hughes Net is
Margaret Easley.

You're welcome again.

Aaaannnddd- speaking of red hair. I wonder if someone else famous got his hair idea from her?

Well that's good...I guess

According to the glowingly optimistic story from the KC Times we find that Govt. Motors made a profit of $4.7 Billion last year.

Which brings up the question- How much of that is going into repaying the $50 BILLION you got in a BAILOUT?

Here are some excerpts of that story, and since the new meme of the Left is "context", I'll add some.

It emerged in the summer of 2009 cleansed of huge debt and costly labor contracts[because they were taken over by the TAXPAYER], returned to the stock market in November[with an inflated IPO for more insiders to buy], and managed to make money even with auto sales near historic lows[It's easy to do when the TAXPAYER is paying the bills].

“I’m not sure anyone would have predicted a year ago that GM will deliver net income of $4.7 billion,” said the chairman and CEO, Dan Akerson [who doled out millions in bonuses and perks instead of repaying any of that $50 BILLION his company still owes].

Jeff Manning, president of UAW Local 31 at the plant, said it was terrific news, especially after the bankruptcy and the recession.[Because his union got 70% of stock that was stolen from the original investors- like your grandma. AND they all got rid of their retirement obligations via the taxpayer.]

Paul Broome, owner of Broome Cadillac in Independence[Whom we can assume was a BIG contributor to the Democrat cause-simply by the fact that he's still open for business], also said that this was the kind of news he preferred, especially compared with the concerns in 2009 about whether the company could be revived.

You know, MSM- maybe we should start putting things into context more.
I'll be glad to see how you do that next time you report on the GOP starving old people for reducing the increase of a .GOV handout.

Now this is going too far!

I mean even those Politically correct A-holes must know that changing THIS kickass song is just wrong.

What? They're changing that one. It's still wrong.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Sirens song

I'm hopping between "Oh brother, where art thou" and "terminator II".

And Linda is pretty much what the guys I know would want- in shape, determined, smart and hot- with a plan.

Compared to the Sirens of 'Oh Brother".

Yeah, go ahead and listen.

Normally I gravitate toward the full figured, curvy ones. Ore the smart ones.
BUT- that middle Siren that goes for Pete...
She reminds me of a boss I once had, except boss was a natural red head, and gave off the impression that she could teach those girls a thing, or three.

Thinking good thoughts about you Judy ;-)

Ken Salazar, I have an idea

Since you and Stymie are all acting concerned about polluting the gulf again.
Which is why you say you're defying a Federal Judge in not permitting ANY drilling in continental waters.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that U.S. regulators would not bow to political pressure to restart deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico before they are certain the oil-and-gas industry is capable of containing an oil spill like the one that followed last BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Salazar and Michael Bromwich--the head of the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, which oversees offshore drilling--were in Houston Friday to meet with oil industry executives to assess the spill-containment systems they have developed in the wake of nation's worst-ever marine oil spill.

So if you're so worried about a rapid response to problems at rig sites- how about this?
Let them drill on all that land you and Clinton put off limits ten years ago.

Which is why we even have to drill a MILE below sea level.

Because I remember YOU PEOPLE saying that 'even if we start drilling now, it will take ten years to get to the pump.'
Wait! THAT was four years ago, I remember having to QUIT a job because I couldn't afford to fill a Dodge Ram three times a week.

F*cking assholes!

One letter changes a whole post

I was over at Bluesuns' blog this morning and misread the word bread. It really changes the tone if you see an "O" in that word.

So, no 'blood for oil' this time?

I took three things away from this video:

  1. Quaddafi is getting his talking points civil discourse from the Democrats.
  2. Opie says we're not going to spill blood for oil- we'll do sanctions instead! Yeahhhh! Except that Libya has already stopped is main export- good move there Prez. Kickazz.
  3. Our next President doesn't hold back on his assessment of the administrations response.
"These people make the Keystone Cops look organized"

You know, if we only had someone- of either party (and no, I don't mean Mc Cain) that these people had any respect for, we might be able to put a lid on this. As much as I disrespected Bill Clinton- at least he wasn't afraid to toss a couple missiles into the dessert to get their attention.

But, hey! at least Teh WON will have made good on another campaign promise when gas hits $7/gallon.





Must be one of those people with an advance degree in something besides EDUCATION.

Like I said before- if your you're f*cking up in your job, you really shouldn't be bringing attention to it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I know I'm late on this

But f*ck it I'm a Honey Badger!

Because Honey Badger don't care.

1000 words

Ok, it was 1007.
...OR- do words not count if they're part of the picture?

Jeez, I'm so confused. Maybe one of those nuanced Liberals who can connect SARAH PALIN!!! to a bunch of union thugs in Wisconsin can tell me which is which?

It's not like George Bush did it- so why worry?

I thought privacy concerns were only a problem when the NAZI-ish Rethuglicans were wiretapping overseas calls to terrorists?

I'm confused. Aren't you always telling us whenever you Liberals want to intrude on our personal lives even more...that if we're not doing anything wrong- that we shouldn't worry?

So why do you have a problem with the Obama machine checking out a writers credit and phone records?

My dear Mr. Legend

Whoever you are.

Can I call you John?
Your singing voice made you a millionaire and that's cool. I don't begrudge you getting what you can through talent and hard work, really.

What I do disagree with you about is the way you want the government to make you pay more taxes.
If you feel the government should get more of your money- tell your accountant to write a check to: U.S. Dept. of Treasury. Then put in however much you think you underpaid in taxes.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sunbathing in sunny south Texas

I was warm and sunny down here, so we took an opportunity to let the girls sunbathe.
Naturally, when you have two girls enjoying the sun, you have some washed-up jock in a bad toupee trying to chat them up.

I was experimenting with the phone cam.
If you want to turn the volume to max on everything- you can hear birds and the cat going "mip, mip, mip" about halfway through.

Nasso fasst there Mr. Teh WON

Remember when you said we could bypass the TSA molesters (who want to unionise BTW) by taking a train?

I guess nobody told Oberster SA-Führer Napolitano about those train exemptions.
Because the best time to stop something is AFTER they all got off the train in Savannah.

H/T to Brock

I guess they ran out of signs

That reminded everyone of how laid-back and peaceful the Union supporters really are.

Like this typical Rhode Island doosh:

Or this tuff guy roughing up a 5'1" Tabitha Hale:

Then you have the guy who's tough when there's someone holding him back:

But when you've had 75 years of the Liberal media covering your back, it's hard to remember the new tone of politeness in politics.
Right U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano (D-mAS)?
Because we're so used to calling for blood, that it slips out without a forethought.

Looking beyond the obvious

Take a good look at this picture:

It's obvious that these people have been educated by a bunch of losers (on both sides of the border) and their anti-American aztelan crap.

Here's a little commonsense history for you vatos.
If your family was here back when we PAID Mexico for EVERY acre we won from them in 1848- you would already BE citizens.
That includes you in lower AZ and N.M. who became citizens under the Gadsden Purchase ...if you even ever heard about it. Which I doubt because it doesn't involve demonizing America for something you don't find convenient to your political beliefs.

OH, and speaking of someones "homeland"- why do you speak spanish?
Like- someone from say SPAIN conquered the land your indian ancestors lived on?
What about the indians YOUR ancestors pushed out?

When you take care of your responsibilities to them, maybe we'll talk.

...And speaking of occupied territories and lack of awareness:

I'll take that analysis with a bowl of salt, please

See, there's this huge mega-corp that got even bigger by the favors that they received from the 'Most open and ethical administration 2.0". Then used to stabilize diverse mulitinational outreaches.

They looked at the House budget numbers and do not approve.
Because if they and their Wall Street coonyaws aren't getting intravenous injections of .GOV money by the tankload- then it's bad for the economy.

"Under the House passed spending bill, the drag on GDP growth from federal fiscal policy would increase by 1.5pp (percentage points) to 2pp in Q2 and Q3 compared with current law," according to Alec Phillips, who signed the analysis that is dated Tuesday.

Democrats, who want to maintain spending this year at around current levels, seized on the Goldman Sachs analysis.

Do you Democrats realize that if you would have passed this years budget when it was do-SIX FARGING MONTHS AGO- you could have had whatever you wanted in it.

So, like our ever increasing population from the south says- lo F*cking siento buddy.
Live with it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Iowa now

That's three states that the Union thugs are trying to overthrow.

Only 54 more to go before it's a complete wash.

Since WE can't evacuate Tripoli

Because the brain trust in DEECEE never saw the uprising in Libya happening in time.
So nobody knew we might need to get people out if things went south and made ANY kind of plans that way...
And the U.K. has a ship standing by for their people, maybe we could use our longstanding histo,,,,,,,,,, Oh, yeah- that's right.

But at least we're keeping a lazerlike focus on what's going on in Madison, Wisconsin and the duly elected government over there.

I forgot about Presidents Day

Looking at their top 100 signs

I'm going to have to assume that Buzzfeed is a bunch of Libs.
The 'Imperial Walker" was old as soon as I saw the second one- ok?

Yes kid, you should be in school. So should your teachers.

I'm so out of touch with popular 'youthful' fads that I have no idea...

Not if you're one of the 2/3 of eighth grade students who, you know- CAN'T

If you really did, shouldn't you be in class? See the above.

Has he been kidnapped? What are you doing at a rally? How long has he been missing?

At least I can spell my own trade.

I will, and I'll remember where you were instead of filling them :-)

Minnesota had a teacher sick-out, too?

Because you see it every time you see a mirror! What does Sarah Palin have to do with this sick-out?

Trust me Union Hack, people are watching...

Aren't they fixing to go on strike soon?

Probably more than bused in NYC Union thugs.

And the rest were stupid childish fail you expect from highly educated eletist Liberals.

Which begs the question then

If the Providence school board is going to fire all of its teachers at the end of the year- what is the need to have a school board?

I'm no fanboi of teachers unions, but even THEY by themselves couldn't put the district $40 million in the hole. The article doesn't say how long they've known about the problem, or what- if anything they tried before.

Two things come to mind about this:
I spent my last two years at the Newport Naval station, and can't remember one good thing about that state. Being as Liberally f*cked up as I remember it being all the way back to 1989- I'm not surprised they waited until the last minute to go all chainsaw on the only reason for their existence.

Don't I remember something like this happening last year in R.I. too?

Chicago had an election while nobody watched yesterday

And in a move that I'm sure surprised absolutely no one, Rahm Emanuel took enough of the dead peoples votes to win 55% and avoid a runoff.

Rham's voters on the way to the polls.