Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who invited the @ssclown?

I'd be willing to bet my next paycheck against Rham Emmanuels that the cadets didn't get much of a say in who would be giving their commencement address.

Because you know they wouldn't want to hear someone arrogantly droning meaningless platitudes to them, especially since he hates the very idea of their existance.

To condense what the fanbois at FoxNews chose to cover in its entirety yesterday.
The Won said 'I pissed off our allies, and it's your job to make them work with us. Now go win the Afghan war without killing anyone.'

Because baning guns works so well

We see from Rob, that a teenager can make an (almost)exact working replica of an M-1911 pistol.

Ok, you say it's cool- but it's only paper mache.
Yeah, and he wasn't trying to make an actual FIRING weapon.
Give him some time and a milling machine and he could probably put something out that would put a major manufacturer (or two) on notice that they need to tighten up on their QC.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The question from the BBC:

Will Wall Street reforms work?

Because Congress didn't touch on the whole base problem, because they don't understand that the whole base problem is....CONGRESS and their 'fixes'.

To the Bit----woman in the fast lane

Look lady, if I'm in the fast lane doing 10 over and you come up on me like you have a jet pack in your trunk- fine, I'll get over.
I'll be glad to get out of your way because I know I'd like someone slower to move for me, you've obviously got somewhere you want to be -and, most importantly- you'll meet Officer Obie before I do.

BUT when I move to the granny lane and then you decide to drop back to 5 over and I have to pass a slower driver- I'm NOT moving for you again. I don't care how you ride my tailgate. You had the room to get far ahead, so f*ck off.

ALSO, those yellow speed signs you see on off ramps and curves....
Those are meant for big trucks like FULLY LOADED semis, not your little grey Dakota.

I guess we know Obamas new black shirts

The Washington D.C. police Department.

Nothing like an official nod to his purple shirted union thugs to make it ok to invade private property and terrorize a 14 year old, is there?

In case you missed it, the SEIU (Obamas go-to enforcers) decided to AstroTurf an anti banking rally on the Bank of Americas CEO front porch, with the D.C. police as protect them from any of those clinging Teabaggers.

It's that freedom of expression, you know.

In case you're wondering what a bank CEO's front porch looks like, the SEIU (embedding surprisingly disabled) made a propaganda video for you.

AND, you know that if the teen had a defensive weapon, the D.C. Black shirts would have no problem entering a private residence with no warrant to arrest the scared child.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Your moment of WTF?

Those are the new mascots of the London Olympics. The vaguely squid like thing on the right is the Paralympic mascot. I don't even know how to describe the other.

BUT the chemically derived duo was a hit for their primary group- a grade school class. I wonder how much THAT demographic is going to contribute to financing the ever more expensive quadrennial spectacle of ...showmanship?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

OKC has some cheap cars for sale

The have slight hail damage, though:

A message fom Arizona

to Los Angeles:

Hey! Since now MALDEF, the ACLU , SEIU and the other socialist groups are having a fit with Arizona's new immigration initiative- maybe they should just translate Mexico's immigration laws with the appropriate changes.

That'll solve everything!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let me get this right

The Won's administration doesn't want to call out any specific religion on terrorism charges.
BUT they have no problem calling out people who have strong conservative and non-muslim religious views.

One of the reasons given for their in regards to the islamoterrorists is the fact that they don't want us bringing the pitchforks, torches and ropes out because (yawn)'most Muslims aren't terrorists."

Since 9-11 how many anti-mooslimb riots have we had and how many have been lynched because of our bigotry?

How many innocent (by our standards) have the 'Religion of Peace' killed outright or in their riots over cartoons and a fake-but-accurate Koran flushing?

You Libs really need to go p!ss up a rope next time some terrorists tries to blow innocent people up and you hope its a Teabagger who does it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Didn't someone do a song about this?

Oh, yeah- Ray Stevens did.

Who could have seen this coming?

It seems like every Liberal that ever made a grandstanding political point has never heard of the law of unintended consequences.

Like San Diego throwing a tantrum about a law in which they have no business interfering in.

Then having those same people you target opting to use their money somewhere else...a reverse boycott from the good people of Arizona.

Still struggling from the prolonged economic downturn, San Diego’s visitor industry can ill afford to lose any of the 2 million Arizonans it counts on annually, said ConVis President Joe Terzi.

“We’re in a very tough environment already because of everything else going on, and we don’t need another negative impact to our industry,” Terzi said. “This affects all the hardworking men and women who count on tourism for their livelihoods, so we’re saying, don’t do something that hurts their livelihoods.”

So, only your jobs count, and the Arizonans should just accept you pissing on THEIR jobs and livelihood without complaint because you Liberals are 'doing something' to make yourselves feel better.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You mean those warmongering Rethuglicans

Actually went out on a limb to STOP a nuclear war?

And it was that EEeeevil criminal Nixon who had the cajonies to actually tell the Soviets to stand down?

That's how people with backbone act.

Not pushing some Mideast ally aside because we want to be friends with re-enforce our open hand to all players there- including those who Holder cannot name.
So now, a certain country knows NOT to tell us in advance- that they'll be doing our job for us in Iran...because some Islamophile will order their planes shot down.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Proving once again

That if you're a Democrat, you can get away with just about anything.

...But Kurt, you say- he's been charged!

True, but it won't stick because nobody expects Democrats to have morals and standards.
At least morals and standards that aren't solidly secured to a Curling stone.

When he's done with it all, he'll probably be Obomas next Supreme court nominee.

Oh jeezus- don't hit the windshield!

"We need to drop a light pole at ...Mark Twain... HS and move it to storage. How long do you think it'll take?"
"IF it's just dropping the pole and moving it, less than two hours- but you know this company and how things get left out."

"Ok, get the boom truck and meet him at the tennis courts."

So I get out there to find this metal pole is about 30' tall with two banks of sports lighting on it---AND it has foot pegs all the way up.
So I told the foreman- I can spend 45 minutes working the loop over and around those steps, or get the bucket truck- it'll probably be about the same amount of time.

Half an hour later, I'm heading up to put the sling around the pole right below the bottom arm.

As I'm getting ready to put the pole on the truck, I know the center of gravity is alot higher than usual - because of the thin, short pole and the eight ballasts on top.
I swung the pole over and was lowering it to the headache rack higher than I thought the CoG was. It was higher, but not by much, and as soon as I started to slack off the rope- the bottom kicked out because of the rack acting as a fulcrum.

As soon as the base was light enough, it started sliding back about two feet towards that expensive windshield (not exorbitant, but worth my job) until I jerked it into the air and got a better angle on the winch rope.

Then it ended up like this...

It was so ,,,unusual, that I had to drive with the 3rd stage extended about ten feet and the boom raised about a foot.

This was the view from the cab.

Then we had to pull the wire out- which was another clusterf*ck, because nobody knew where it fed from.

So did you do anything interesting at work?

Friday, May 14, 2010

It'll never be used

But why Kurt?

Because it doesn't cost trillions of dollars and it's being pitched by obviously redneck hicks who are in it mostly for the clean-up.

Besides, if it works like they show-the Libs won't be able to point to this as the deep sea environmental catastrophe that ()bama let happen so as to be able to point to this as an example of the catastrophe that is Big Oil.

Paging John Murtha

It's too bad in a way that the Ex-Marine John Murtha isn't around to remind everyone about the poor quality of the NATO fighting man.

We'll never hear those ringing words again -except for the motto of the USS Murtha--

Killed them in cold blood.

Why is it when the forces of ignorance protest something- like NATO, they always end up burning the American flag?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A conversation in a liquor store

So I went to the local distributor of Skull-pop after work.
It's not a bad place and was opened about six months ago.
It's been windy and the wind removed the "W" in 'NOW OPEN'.

I got my adult beverages and mentioned to the checkout guy...
Did you know your "W" is down?

"Yeah, a couple people have mentioned it today."

"I bet you're kinda shy on Mexicans today, because in their english they think you're closed."


Ashleys "Book of knots" says this...

Hangings at sea were infrequent. Such an occasion
furnished a bit of extra-routine labor, in which the
boatswain took especial pride, and in which no bungling
was tolerated. A boatswain's reputation would be
forever ruined if there were any hitch on such an

Although most of the details were left to him, there
were certain well-established conventions which had to be
observed. These are given in detail in an old work on
seamanship. A fall was led through a single block at the
fore yardarm and thence to a second single block under
the fore cap. Between the two blocks was a SHEEPSHANK
KNOT (#1154), the upper bight of which was not _half
hitched_, as is customary, but was merely _stopped_
with light twine. This stopping would carry away
the instant the knot was hauled against the block,
so spilling the SHEEPSHANK. The weight at the _noose_
end at once dropped to take up the slack given by the
spilled SHEEPSHANK, and it was brought up with a jerk
by a toggle which fetched against the yardarm block.
The toggle was marlingspike hitched_ (#2030) and
seized to the rope at a point which allowed for an
exact six-foot drop outside the rail.

In preparation for this the fall was laid at length
along the deck ``ready to be hurried aft'' when
``twenty stout fellows seized the rope.''

Maybe we should think about that next time we catch some pirates(and have nowhere to try them).

The Russians understand that only enlightened Liberals really understand 'nuance' the way it's supposed to be understood....or something.
The rest of humanity need to be lead by examples.

Our consensus of being civilised past the point of no return, that hemp hawser would send the captain to the brig for the rest of his life....unlike the 17th century where it would be a 'career enhancing' move.

And I understand perfectly what that was about. Nothing shipboard was easy- even dying. So to make it even worse than just being hung, they hauled you up about 30 feet until you hit the yardarm and dropped you until the noose broke your neck.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First impressions

I've made no secret that the estrogen contingent of Casa Trainwreck are immigrants.

One of the first commercials Karen saw when she settled in was for Quiznos.
It wasn't this one, but it had the same ....actors.

To this day she won't even think of buying a sub there because of the dessicated rats.

I'm now watching a show called "Justified".
I like it. It's set in Kentucky about a US Marshall (??) who shoots a bad guy in Miami and is punished by getting sent back to his home town in Harlen county, KY.

I liked it at first, and as i grew on me- I've been noticing the subtle (and not so subtle) inbred hillbilly Liberal attitude to us in flyover country.
You know, the oversexed blonde's, violence as a second option and the southern criminal masquerading as a religious leader.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Oh mein Gott

One more example of associating The Won with Hitler.

Now we know

That some Presidents look like chimps, because of evolution you know.

Now we have real scientists (who probably even had real peer reviews done) discovering that some humans have from 1% to 4% of Neanderthal genes in their DNA.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Da dash don't be silent

The teacher was asking
"La A?"
"Lah ah?"

And the mother replied "It's Ladasha the dash don't be silent."

Now the NYT or at least one of it's writers is getting tired of those made up names, too.

If you want a better idea of how mangled some names have gotten, a certain Cajun has a weekly listing of winners on his blog. Go ahead and groan at the future.

Friday, May 07, 2010


Something's been niggling (can I say that?) in the back of my mind since all these Libs started agitating against the AZ immigration reform act.

Now I Know what it was.

Aren't we always told- whenever we get yet another infringement of out privacy/rights that "If you don't have anything to hide, you don't have anything to worry about".
So,,,what's the problem? It's almost like they were going out of their way to mislead peop..............


This is my shocked face.

Finally some good news

It sounds like we've turned the corner on this pesky depression problem.

See- even though the unemployment numbers went up to 9.9%, that's a GOOD sign in Obammaland. See, somehow having more people looking for work means that ...somehow there's more work available??

Added to the fact that the employment grew at 290,000 jobs, we have the fact that the Census Bureau hired 635,000 temporary workers right about last month.

I'm not as smart as The Won, but does anyone make a connection between those two numbers?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thanks Tam

For your little mind bump:

So, tell me something

Do all these Liberals who are so concerned about the 'rights' of illegals have ANY problems with their warrantless traffic checkpoints.

You know, where all vehicles are stopped for no reason- without ant warrants and made to show their papers?
Isn't that somehow....unconstitutional?

Oh, that's right- it's for the 'public good'...'for the children".
Oh, and if you're an undocumented driver- it's a car forfeiture.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I am surprised

Given the way both houses of Congress love to make special commemorative days- and given the high majority of Liberal Democrats infesting DeeCee, that we didn't get any MSM wall to wall retrospective of this day in history.

So, in remembrance of all the fellow travelers who didn't make it out of the (almost) riot at Kent State to be with their fellow Socialists who became 'The Man'...

Because those flower children would *never* think of causing anything but a peaceful demonstration....with daisies in rifle muzzles and all.

The report continued that the cadet "stated that the first three rounds were definitely not M-1s. He said they could possibly have been a .45 caliber. … [He] further stated that he heard confirmed reports of sniper fire coming in over both the National Guard radio and the state police radio."

The cadet also told the FBI he observed demonstrators carrying baseball bats, golf clubs and improvised weapons, including pieces of steel wire cut into footlong sections, along with radios and other electronic devices "used to monitor the police and Guard wavelengths."

Separately, a female student told the FBI she "recalled hearing what she thought was [the sound of] firecrackers and then a few seconds later [she] heard noise that to her sounded like a machine gun going off, but then later thought it may have been a volley of shots from the Guard."

Monday, May 03, 2010

So, tell me if I'm wrong here

I've been hearing about the finger pointing on this oil spill being allowed to hit the gulf shore.

I'm torn. We all know that this administration is run by people who think the bigger and more intrusive the government is- the better.
AND there were plans drawn up during the Clinton administration on how to deal with something like this massive leak. It included FEMA, the Coast Guard and other appropriate entities being on scene and taking the appropriate measures to corral the leak as soon as possible. Before it got out of hand.
They also had a plan to burn or syphon that captive oil before it could get out of hand.

With that in mind. It took this administration over a week to get off their collective @sses.

One one hand we can look at the usual claims of complete clueless ineptness -as were used to getting whenever a Dem steps on his d!ck.
--You know, "My patsy over at the EPA didn't tell me we had a plan to step in and rescue the entire gulf coast.

On the other, we have the *Most ethical and honest administration EVAR* sitting on their hands and waiting until it's too late to do anything positive before springing into they can point to the mess and massively expensive clean-up the next time we want to drill our own oil and say "But,,,looook at what happened last time....."

OR both. I wouldn't put either past this ideologue.

So what does that make me? An Oiler

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Deafinatly better than Cricket

She said when I showed her this border closing ceremony:

...And didn't understand why I mentioned it being the British army on Crank.

So I'm redoing the router table

I'm adding a Dirt Devil(tm) Extraction system because I got tired of sweeping shavings out of all the hidden nooks and crannies that make up the power tool garage.

I'm making drawers to go under the table to hold paint and power tools.
Anyway, I've got the table saw running, and fine tuning the fence for the last of my finger joints when out of the blue I hear "I'm going to Hondo now. Do you need anything?"

"Jesaz Krist, you scared the crap out of me."
Pointing at the blade "Do you know what that is"

"...Ummm wood?"

"No, it's a table saw blade that's made to go through wood like butter, what do you think it would do to fingers?"

That's the second time she's done that this week- I'm going to have to make a sign saying 'WAIT until I notice you!'