Sunday, November 30, 2008

Look people

You have to find Prudie a job.
She had to lay off her editors again.
AND she's recycling overly long meme's.

It's too bad that she doesn't have an e-mail contact that I can find, because I might have something she can help me with.
My e-mail at least is in my contact info...or on my comments at her blog.


Yeah, we watched the entire thing again.
But I guess it was better than the alternative:


I found my internet problem.
I lost power on my Wildblue modem last Monday.
To troubleshoot, I was told to move the plug to another outlet and see if the power light came on.
It didn't, and I was given an roa# and told the replacement modem would be there in three days.

Which would have made it Thanksgiving day. So I waited all Friday for the Brown Truck of Connectivity...which never showed.
So after getting ahold of the Wildblue trouble desk and 'Mary' the dot Indian, I was informed that I was originally supposed to have gotten the replacement on Weds- but it got rescheduled to frigging MONDAY.

I finally did what I'd been meaning to do all week, and checked the rectifier/charger/power supply- whatever you want to call it- and found I had no power coming out.
I know it was plugged in to the outlet, and the outlet was good, so I was looking at a bad power supply.
As I was dragging out the tangle of wires, I saw a female power end that didn't go anywhere until I saw the power supply didn't have any power in ( I thought the entire unit was one piece).
After I plugged both the 110V power in and the 30VDC power in- I have internet back.

You'd think that they might tell people to check BOTH ends of the cord, wouldn't you?

Now to cancel my $41+ tax dial-up.

The White House

The saga of the 'Most ethical administration in history" continues.

Mr. HopeyMcChange filled his new crib with Clintonian insiders who go after religious groups, Second Amendment rights, and side with communist dictators.

...And the Obamites still have no clue as to what's coming down the pike.
We have AP journalists propagandist writers who think that human nature has changed since The Anointed One won the Electoral vote.
I hate to break it to you Beth, but all Mr. Daleyhandpuppet did was gain himself another source of illegal money from Bills contact list. Oh, and a staff that's going to enact all the thwarted agenda from eight years ago.....not 'a high-level strategic and diplomatic partnership.'

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dear gay peple

Please quit calling your partnerships "marriage".
It would go a long way in helping your cause.
There are plenty of other labels out there.

K? thnx.

Ohhh,,,,that ginormous hissy fit your throwing all over the country?
Not helping much

Friday, November 28, 2008


It really kind of sucks,,,BUT it's better than having no internet at all.
Like us for the last five days after the wildblue modem went out.

The service guy told me they'd send a replacement on a three day delivery- which put it in Thanksgiving day,,,which I knew wasn't going to happen. So after waiting all day today for the Big Brown Truck of connectivity, I called Wildblue service at 5 PM.
I got "Mary" the 'dot' Indian who informed me that it was originally scheduled to be delivered on Weds, but got delayed until Monday.

Now I'm on 26K dial-up for a cost of $41+tax because I am not going through the weekend without internet. At least I can pay some bills and do some research on incorporation and business plans.
I'd do some patent research, but I know I probably won't get any protection for using one common practice for tubing bending to use to make kink free bends on 4" PVC conduit field bends.

It took me over an hour to update my AdAware so I can pay some bills online

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I scored 81.8 on this government test.

The average for our elected officials was 49 per cent.
The only time I went to college was for electonics and circuit design... NOT a full course of political science.
AND I don't have a staff that's supposed to read the cr@p I'm voting on,,,just to let me know if I'm voting for what I think I am.

See if you know more about our government than our elected drones.

I take exception to three of the ones they said I got wrong,,,I guess it's a matter of semantics.

Not that I'd have a chance

But they have another intrusive personal question on "THE questionnaire".

Tucked in at the end of the questionnaire and listed under “Miscellaneous,” it reads: “Do you or any members of your immediate family own a gun? If so, provide complete ownership and registration information. Has the registration ever lapsed? Please also describe how and by whom it is used and whether it has been the cause of any personal injuries or property damage.”

Well, yes as a matter of fact. I don't want to scare you, but we have three modern arms and two black powder pistols.
Me and the wife own them and Texas has no intrusive registration requirements.
They are used (mostly) for target shooting and will be put to use for home defense.
We have had property damage do to an unintentional discharge from the .22 rifle that I was fixing the safety on.

See it was catching and not allowing full motion to fire, so I freed up the bent part and dry fired about four times before the round worked it's way through the magazine tube and into the chamber.
The inside wall has a quarter inch hole about two inches from the floor.

I have also killed cats, squirrels and rabbits with it. (Sorry to make you all queasy kneed)

Any more prying personal revelations you want to hold over my head?

Gun sales through the roof

Just a thought for all of you buying those evil black rifles to get around the newest ban.
The new AG for President HopeyMcChange is a bigtime gungrabber.
They have records and will use the FBI background checks, too.

Do you think those Clintonistas and Chi-town hacks would hesitate to confiscate your brand new EBR?
Go you think they'd use them to arm Obamas new GRU?
Do you think you'd be reimbursed for a voluntary turn-in?

Does this make me a bad person?

I mean, other than being an evil heartless Conservative.

I was fueling up on of the trucks earlier this week and checking out a hot black chick observing a well dressed woman of color when her gas tank burped a slurge of gas onto her shoes.

I felt bad for her until I saw an Obama sticker on her bumper.
Then I didn't.

AGW Climate change and you

Before I get started, how many of you have had to see a shrink and get meds to treat your Obama Depression Syndrome like the Libs did in 2004?

We now have Henry Waxman (D-nutcase) in charge of setting energy policy, and making the same people that bankrupted Social Security, the Auto industry, caused the housing meltdown with Freddy-May responsible for implementing government health care. The same people that ruined the education system.
Remember the Walter Reed thing? That's gov't health care at its best.

Henry Waxman is a total Global warming tool and is going to force all this expensive greenhouse gas reduction legislation onto an already hurting economy.
Now what is going to happen when it's finally bashed into their skulls that the earth is (and has been) cooling?
Do you think that they'll just say "Ooops, our bad- we'll just cancel those foolhardy and wasteful greenhouse programs."

OR do you think (being Liberals and all) that they'll create ANOTHER expensive and wasteful program to produce greenhouse gases(GHG) offset the program that they still have in effect to reduce the GHG?

Friday, November 21, 2008

The deer hunter

I forgot all about deer season opening the first of the month. It's not that I'm against hunting, or anything,,,but,,,, I'm of the Ron White school of thought; namely that it's too early or cold to be sitting out in the wilderness wiothout getting payed for it. I'm outside at dawn and working there evry weekday, so I'll pass on doing it on my days off.
Deer meat is always welcome, though. I may even get Karen to shoot a pig one of these days.

I was looking at blogs and was reminded of this classic take on deer hunting via a post on deer camp:

I always wonder

When I see some @sshole doing a good 20 miles over the rest of traffic, and he sees the huge line of cars in front of him...why does he always wait until the last 10 feet to hit his brakes? Does he think he's so important that traffic will recognize him and magically part to let him through?

AND...if you're the speed vigilante in the fast lane pacing the guy who's on the phone in the next lane...go f*ck yourself. Go slow in the SLOW lane, it's the one on the right. The one that everyone is working their way to, so we can all get around your clueless @ss and go home.

Someone was searching for 'trainwreck on blogspot' from Kuala Lumpur????

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I made a post a while back

About revamping the voting system.
This video over at weerdbeard reinforces my arguments. I'd bet that more voters on the Republican side would be able to answer more question right,,,especially the ones about who's in charge (looking up and humming).

Was that a polling place they were interviewing at? Did they let the girl with the OBAMA tee vote like that?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This could be interesting

Our dearest new leader Barry the benevolent is extending an olive branch to Hillary.
So now, if it goes through, we'll be able to watch a dirty-trick Chicagoland politician play chess with a dirty-trick Clintonian Rasputin. I wonder who'll win?

Or, could it be that he only mentioned the job in passing, and Hils leaked it to the loyal MSM to use as leverage?
After the infamous question anything they can use against you? Please provide documentation.
Could she be so stupid to provide all that in black and white to El Cappo de Bar-o, and he decides..."oops, sorry Hil- too much dirty laundry here, we'll pass...and thanks for all the info. It'll come in handy...maybe."

If the Clinton family gets the nod (remember with one we get both), who are the Clintonistas (37 out of 41 picks for Mr. Change-B-Me) going to side with in the fight for overt or covert power?

This should be as fun as watching the faithful realize that Mr. Everything-2-everyone is nothing but an Ignis fatuus.

Another political cover-up exposed

This time it's been exposed by the Beeb, and literally changed the world into what we now know as reality.
The brance involvedthis time was the British Navy engaging in ,,, not really a cover-up, but more of a misrepresentation of fact.
Which enabled them to become the dominant maritime force of their times.
AND enabled them to challenge Spain and France to the new world, which resulted in their colonies in New England.
Which in turn latter became an independent America who returned the favor to save the world numerous times from the forces of evil.

Oh, that little factlet?
Henry VIII thought his Mary Rose was flooded by a squall and sunk about a mile off shore at the Solent. It was later reported that the French actually HIT something back then...and caused the flooding that caused the capsizing.

Monday, November 17, 2008

And the last eight years

were filled with love, co-operation and unicorn farts towards President Bush.
Now that we have a President Elect that believes in a Socialist paradise who just happens to be black...everything is a hate crime.

But that's ok, Barry will just change the haters minds with a twitch of his nose.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Words to live by...

Remember them in these upcoming times.

Meanwhile, closer to home- I finally got the last spark plug changed out on the S-10.
Had to take the left front tire off and almost had to make a *genuine GM* tool to get it from behind the steering column.

At the Hondo Wally-World

They're selling fuel for $1.58, which is the lest expensive I've seen in about two years.
Too bad I won't be buying it because they like to slip in alcohol with their gas and I don't want to ruin my fuel system. I also want to get as many MPG as I can and don't want to cut it by a third because of some political paybacks.
They now have a tree at the main entrance to go along with the Christmas carols they've been pumping out for the last two weeks.
In addition to changing the garden center into Christmasland almost two months ago.

What's taking him so long?

Sorry boss, started running into some rally crappy rock.

But apparently the owner would rather pay a big OSHA fine and maybe workers comp because I was taken off and someone else is digging an 8' deep straight trench.
With no ladders or escape routs.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Special needs children

I'm listening to the TV news in the background.
They're talking about the problems parents of autistic children have in getting medical treatment for their problems.
See, Dr.s and hospitals don't want to even touch a kid with autism (or probably any other *lucrative* disease just for self preservation).

See, they know health care is expensive enough without taking on additional, unnecessary expenses.

Know what I mean?

So after we cover the 'right' to health insurance,,,,,when will I be eligable for 'the right' to universal homeowners insurance?

He's NOT a freeking GUY

'He" is a woman who had a sex change operation.
..AND kept HER reproductive organs that God gave her.
So it's not some kind of 'miracle' that she's pregnant again.

She says she's enjoying the feeling of pregnancy.

So why did she decide she was a guy if she wanted to be a mom?
Sounds like someone wanted to have it both ways (ehem...take that as you will).

So what's with Baba Wawa? I thought she moved to 'serious' journalism after she got tired of no one taking her seriously as a gossip reporter.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Watch this

The last thirty seconds left me speachless.

Thank you who went through this for us.

Happy Veterans Day

Yahoo might want to take a look at Google.

But then, I guess they can finally be proud of America after the election...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Well, waddia know...

My re-elected Dem. Rep is a doper, too.
He voted to remove all penalties on adults caught with weed.

I guess that's why south San keeps re-electing him- since he votes the Dem line 96% of the time.
Go vato!

Ohhh,,,and since our racial preferance candidate is on the the 'free the weed' express;
and he's mentioned making dope legal- how soon before ashtrays will be banned in the White House to be replaced by bongs? Will he invite Willie Nelson down off the roof to burn one in the Oval Office?

Happy Birthday Marines!

Bravo Zulu!

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I if a fighter can fly on just it's left wing, so can America for four years,,, I guess.

Israeli Pilot Land Saftly With One Wing - Watch the best video clips here

Top that China.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Ok, so why did it take eight years for them to decide that "we are all fuzzybunnykitten luvrz"?
I sure don't remember those sentiments from the last eight years that I've been looking at the Leftist moonbats.

But after seeing those luvy-dovy lets all get along ideals,,,OK.
I'll give your guy as much slack as you gave Bush. Sounds fair, and you're all into "equality" and the fairness doctrine,,,,right?

So why should you have a problem with me acting almost as nasty better than you did for Bush's last two terms?

...AND I notice that unlike your predictions, he'll allow a peaceful change of power,,,including all the "O's" left on the keyboards.

I notice that this "unity" site has a lot less contributors than those anti-Bush, anti-Iraq NOT IN MY NAME sites had in the same amount of time.
I guess these are the silent wing of the Dems who really want to get along and not the strident 'kill all who aren't in lockstep' wing of the Liberal ideology.

I'm kinda surprized that no-one has mentioned my girlfriend in the top pic...Zelda.
And Mr. oralface,,,,you *do* know what your sign says in Mexican, right?

On the TV right now

is a Grahm Norton retrospective of his shows featuring the cast of Dr. Who.
Including the Tardis..which moves the victim spatially real time.
It's supposed to, I guess- highlight the new season...except the 'NEW' series opening Dr. Who was the Titanic rerun from last year.

It's a good thing the Brits have a sense of humor, or they'd get a reputation for taking over countries, imposing their will on the natives and starting colonies,,,or something.


No, actually it's pshycobilly

I found this while looking for a suitable background for a demo video I'm thinking about making for that Colt Navy display case I made. I'm thinking about seeing how it does on e-bay.
I can't use 'Gun Love" because It's taken....

And yes, that's my range...