Sunday, September 30, 2007

NOW they tell me

Ok, so this is why cats dig me. I'm not a cat lover, so I don't go fawning over them. I guess next time, I'll treat them like a dog and not have to deal with them again.

~~Edited because I went to my worksite from here~~

Speaking of money for nothing, does anyone know about Texas workers comp laws?
I had a step come apart at my last job that did something to my rotator cuff on my right shoulder. I went to the Dr. and had MRI's done, but nothing showed up...except for the cracking/grinding. The company took me off driving and put me in the yard (at 10/hr) until I signed a release. Nothing was done- including PT because I needed the driving pay, and they were self insured.
Now my shoulder is getting worse, and I don't care if they have to sell one of their brand new trucks to get me fixed. I'm starting to think about one of those phonebook cover lawyers....

I missed it

Yesterday was Gene Autry's birthday.

At first I was going to make a cell phone comment

But after watching the video, I think I'll be making a comment about a 'steam' roller not being able to steer itself like the operators burro used to.

Yesterday when he was in Mexico.

If you don't know what I mean, look at the picture/vid then look at the yellow line.
There was also no signs of roadwork that I could see.
I wouldn't expect to see a roller coming at me on the wrong side of the road at night, either.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Liberal nannyism

You notice I didn't say anything about Dems only. That's because the Republicans are just as bad in advancing government health care with their vote (an unimpeachable vote) to authorize the NEW AND IMPROVED version of SHIP.
The one that calls 25 year olds 'children' and those making 200% of the poverty line...'needy'.
After the huge boondoggle of his complicated and over priced prescription drug plan, I don't know why Bush would have a problem signing that new advance on government intrusion.

I have a problem with that. I believe and was brought up to believe in and expect personal responsibility from others. You screwed-up, take your lumps and learn from it. Chit happens, it's not always "someone Else's" fault. These Libs in charge of government education have so brainwashed the kids (and got a good start on their parents) that somehow AMERICANS feel the need for government to take care of them.

We used to be independent and self reliant. When Karen first got here, she was kinda surprised that people didn't run to the nearest gov't agencies for help for everything. I tried to explain the different mindset between us (the U.S.) and Europe ("But we're ENGLISH, not part of Europe" "Sorry hun, but that's across the water, you're Europe just like all Americans are Yanks to you.")

This is basically what I told her---Kurts condensed history 50.5
    Since the Romans took over and got run out, you've had some kind of centralized government that took care of laws and infrastructure.
    America is a young country, and 200 years ago this land we're standing on now (Maxwell, Tx) was wild. It only saw white men when they travelled the Camino Real from one mission to the next. The main government then was in Mexico City- and they didn't care what happened here as long as they got the gold.
    150 years ago the farthest west that was still semi civilized was on the east side of the Mississippi river. It wasn't until after the Civil War that the railroad was built across America- THAT only happened about 130 years ago.
    Up until almost the 1900's, anyhting that needed to be done- roads built, rivers crossed, dams built, courts and laws enforced- were taken care of by the citizens in their community. We never relied on D.C. to really "DO" anything for us.
That's why Americans are (ok- were) a different breed- we grew up depending on ourselves and neighbors, not government. Mexico had the European centralized government mindset (you can see how well that's working here), and Canada is....French.
It's too bed that we're getting so...'civilized' now.

Ya know, I originally started this post about Fred Thompson being called 'lazy', and was going to say that we need more 'lazy' people up in Washington.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Did you know there are other things happening in the world

Besides the 24 month run-up to the November '08 presidential election?
There's Libs giving tough love to their idol over at Columbia University.

The French elected a pro-American president.
The Mexican governmnet is complaining that we're forcing their best and brightest to sneak across the border.

The border is still wide open- both nort and south.

AND...over in Britain- the Queens own are throwing rude gestures in front og the commoners. Even though I live with them, somehow I just keep expecting them to be,,,"more", you know?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It took the GAO to discover this?

H*ll, illiterate third world immigrants have know about this forever.
That's what the uproar was about during the amnesty plan.

It seems that our boarders are "porous" and able to be crossed without any questions, if you don't cross at checkpoints.

Gee,,,you could even bring in nukes without being caught.

And tomorrow there will be a schedulled outburst of outrage coming from D.C. because, you know people can sneak in.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Amadinijad at Columbia

And the 'slapdown' he got.

"Like getting scolded by Fraizer."

Stolen from MVRC

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Christ on a crutch

I'm paying over $75/month for this satellite broadband and I'm really getting tired of the dial-up speed I'm getting more and more.

You'd think that if a company wanted to make money by supplying satellite broadband, they'd put a down link somewhere besides a city sitting right next to a third world country who's citizens jobs depend on who they know-not WHAT they know.

But then you wouldn't be a PC company called wildblue who'd rather show their love of diversity than actually expecting people to KNOW what they're doing.

I have to wait until Feb to drop the overpriced middle tier of service and a drop of $25 for a-little-better-than dial-up service. Especially when it's cloudy out.

So, I guess these are the same people who's jobs the illegals have?

There's an appartment complex in San Antonio that has a dress code (more or less) for their tenants. One of the clauses is not having inappropriate tats or piercings.

WOAI did a newsbuster thing about it.

I'm just wondering if they're the same ones crying about not being able to get good jobs because of what they choose to do to their bodies? You know, the ones with tats and implants and piercings that feel the need to protest because life's "not fair!"

If you want to do that to your body, it's up to you. Don't force me embrace you with open arms while you have a nose thing while serving my food. I know how that got there, and you probably didn't wash your hands. Sure, you can claim "Freedom of expression", but that never meant that there wouldn't be repercussions from what you chose to express.

And as long as we're on the subject of tats and what you're telling other people about yourself...
GIRLS...those goal posts on your back that announces to anyone who looks that "I'm a sloooot, and like it up the out canal" is going to bite you when you get knocked-up and want an epidural- since they won't give you one.......because of the ink.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

THAT was the fake bomb ?

I finally found a picture if the "fake-but-accurate" bomb that threw the entire Boston Logan airport into a lock-down tizzy fit.

It's almost as scary as the "other" bomb threat they went through about 3 months ago,,, I think that had LEDs and batteries, too.

Ok, I'd be inclined to let her off, except that I have one question about the pictures I've seen of her.... is that her real hair, or a fright wig?

Ohhh, and if you haven't seen it yet, it was one of those Radio Shack do-it-yourself circuit boards and a 9v battery to light up the "star"-duh- on the board and *no* tape was used in the production of said "bomb".

My only post on the MoveOn ad

The Senate had a vote to condemn that "Betray us" ad this week.

I notice that Obama couldn't muster the cajonies to vote one way or the other.
How are we to believe he can make the hard choices? To stare down an enemy?

We all *know* Hillary has it in her to destroy someone she thinks is in her way, and to smile while doing it.

On this day in history

Two years ago hurricane Rita hit the Texas coast and southwestern Louisiana.

Not that you'll hear much about it from those who were all in N'awlins complaining that Bush hadn't fixed everything a week after Katrina hit.

You also won't hear much because most of the residents of ~well everywhere but N'awlins~ had the sense to evacuate, AND the municipal officials actually had buses RUNNING for those that didn't have transport. Sure, the plan had problems. At least it was implemented and things were learned for next time it needs to be used. At least it wasn't sitting under Chocolate-boys desk, replacing a broken leg. . . while he was throwing a hurricane party up in Baton Rouge.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

So, does that mean our food bills will be falling anytime soon?

Corn-derived renewable energy sources create more greenhouse gases than fossil fuels, according to a study from an international team of scientists reported in the London Times.

Research findings published in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics calculate that corn and rapeseed biodiesels produce up to 70 percent and 50 percent more greenhouse gases respectively than fossil fuels.

Read about the eye-opening fuel alternative study in London Times report.

The study focues on nitrous oxide, which is 296 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Scientists found that the use of biofuels released twice as much as nitrous oxide as previously realised.

The research was performed by scientists from the U.S. Britain, and Germany and it included Professor Paul Crutzen, a Nobel Prize-winning ozone scholar.

Corn-based ethanol is the leading biofuel alternative in the US while rapeseed is used in 80 percent of biofuels created in Europe.

Because, ya know, the Federal mandate about the E-85 was all about the environment.
It had absolutely nothing to do with "Big Ag" getting unrealistic profits from your tax money or anything like that, did it?

Friday, September 21, 2007

In honor of Brits' sleepwalk through the grammies

or whatever they were, here's the Friday Not blonde blonds.....




Sorry, but I can't handle sraigh Gwen...

Christina (the original vid here)

Ok, she probably is a real blonde...gimmme a break, I like this song.

And the not-so-fit...
Mamma Cass

Ella Fitzgerald

And we can't forget the cause of her stellar preformance, can we?

-----AND a bonus question.
What do all these featured entertainers have in common, that sets them apart from our favorite pop tart?

It must be a black thing

To gather thousands of people to protest for 6 guys who attacked ONE other guy and sent him to the hospital in a coma.

See these 6 guys just happen to be black, and one of them has already been well known the the local law enforcement agencys. They beat the cr@p out of a white guy and got thrown in jail......about six months ago.
The whole thing started with three other white guys hanging some nooses over a tree limb near the High school.
The six-on-one attack took place in an entirely different location at an entirely different time......with an entirely unrelated white guy.

Anyway, not one to miss a way to bring racial turmoil to the cameras (and probably some compensation ~ahem~), Jesse and the rest are down in Jena, La. protesting the boys being in jail, and going in front of the Judge.

Because it's, like racist to hold someone accountable for their actions if they happen to be black. Colored. Africa-American. Not white , or whatever.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Now, there's a party I could look at more closely

Unless, of course they look like the Democratic leadership.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kinda catchy- in a bubblegum way

I know the 'Obama girl' but not the rest.
Enjoy the,,,calasthentics

Ohh,,,,it's a salute to the troops!

Good job girls!

THAT didn't take long, did it?

No, I'm not talking about Juice putting another one over on the legal system.

The Libs in Congress are ressurecting the Amnesty bill under the *sigh* benevolent DREAM ACT which is ostensibly to help 'immigrants' access their higher education.

This is nothing more than a back door way to force the amnesty bill on America. It's oddly enough, sponsered by Democrats who are so compassionate that they want to force you to pay the freight on the illegal community, and now they want to force you and your kids to take a back seat in college to the litters of third world lawbreakers.

Because, you know, they *care*.

Give your Congresscritter another shout, and remind them that YOU can vote and that you don't want to reward lawbreakers.

You know the old Bible story about the sins of the fathers don't you?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Every time I hear about the "subprime" motgages

and the crisis that the lenders (who really should have known better) caused themselves...
I just have to wonder *why* we don't hear who the people are that can't pay?
I mean are they trailer trash that decided to move up?
Blacks out of the ghetto?

It couldn't be that all these big banks and lending companies were pawning off loans to people who couldn't actually...PROVE who they were, could it?
You know, the people taking on more debt than their @ss could stand- even IF the rate didn't go up. The people who take out the overpriced loans that Americans won't?

NAAAhhh, we're always told how honest (except for the illegal entry and identity theft) and hardworking the illegals are, something for the rest of us Americans to emulate.

Monday, September 17, 2007

They shudda let George do it

Be cause we all know that he was responsible for the Twin tower collapse.
They were working there for WEEKS without anyone getting suspicious of all the drilling abd jackhammering on the critical support structures.
Nobody raised an eyebrow about the new shabby-chick chainlink fencing and tarps wrapped around those same support colums, or the new floor to ceiling windows on those same floors.

I'm sure the BusHitler/Cheney machine could bring down four smokestacks from an old paper mill.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I wonder who got wrote up?

And we have yet another frivolous lawsuit

This time it comes from the Land Down under.

From a female pro golfer for accusations made that shes basically a slooot.

And although the paper didn't actually *say* it, I'm sure they meant with guys.

Everyone knows that members of the LPGA are gay, don't they. It's like a membership requirement. No matter how hot they are.

In another Farktacular story from Oz, the Navy is paying female (officer) sailors for getting boob jobs. If an enlisted wanted one, they'd probably just roll up a 55 gallon barrel of industrial silicon and a huge syringe.

Don't want to be wasting that money on the lower ranks, do we old chap?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

AMERICA, f*ck yeah!

Not safe for pantywaste Libs, and any other Hate-America-Firsters

Ummmm, that means you Harry Reid and Tom Lantos (both D-antiamerica)


Stolen from Sweetthing

I don't know what's worse

The fact that the 'teacher' that sent the letters didn't even get a slap on the wrist, or the fact that several parents signed and sent the letters back.

See, a teacher in Chico (Cali- I guess) sent some letters home with the kids asking them to resign their American citizenship.

AND being the good little Libs they all are, when it blew up in their faces claimed it was taken wrong. That they never ment to actually *DO* what was said. That it was all a *mistake*. How about sloppy?
Hey, it was a history lesson- the teach never even thought to tell the parents it wasn't a real letter.

Bidwell Junior High School administrators said a letter sent home with students in an eighth-grade class Tuesday was a good idea for a history lesson, with bad execution.

The letter, which appeared to ask parents to renounce their U.S. citizenship, prompted phone calls to the school from several irate recipients.

Principal Joanne Parsley said teacher Mike Brooks never intended to have parents sign the letters, or forward them on to President Bush, to whom they are addressed.

"It was a well-intended lesson that didn't shake out too well," she said, adding that Brooks would not be subject to disciplinary action.

Reached at home, the teacher said his U.S. History class is studying the Declaration of Independence, and he decided to write a letter putting the document into modern language. His intention, he said, was to send it home for parents to review, and possibly discuss with their children.

He concluded the letter with "After careful consideration of the facts of our current situation, I have decided to announce to everyone that I am no longer a citizen of the United States, but a free and independent member of the global community."

...And the result?
She said several parents reacted adversely to the letter, but a few sent them back signed.

Nope, no agenda in that history class.

Friday, September 14, 2007

And, since I've got cars on the brain

Your Friday night selection involves motor vehicles.


A brand new shiny red super stock car

A little Deuce coupe


What would we do with out the boys in brown?

And how can we end without the
Big Red Rocket of Love?

OK, you math wizzes

Tell me if I'm doing this right.

Right now I'm doing about 120 mi/day for the job and using 10 gal per day in the Ram.
This looks like. 120/10=12 MPG...right? My records show 13 MPG..but...

A Ranger/B3000 is about 18 MPG average. Which looks to me like 120/18=6.7 gal/day, and 6.7 x $2.60= $17.42/day x 5= $87.10/week in gas.

So 10 (gal) x 5 (Days) x 2.60/gal = $130/week in gas in the Dodge is about $42 per week in savings.

So I can get a cheap truck for about the price of gas savings.

Right? Or did I miss something?


Don't bother me for the next hour.
I'll be watching "The DoKtOr".
~Or~ as we say in over here, The Doctor.


Why are these new Dr. Who's getting so creepy?
Moving statues and disappearing people?

You've heard about HillaryCare 2.0 haven't you?

She's set to unveil the return of her Government
that went over so well back when she was the co-President.

But then, maybe she doesn't remember that...she's kinda challenged in the memory department, isn't she?

And in more of the reality biased community...sometimes you just have to say WTF? (SFW).

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm still around

Just haven't really felt like doing much.

Guess it's that mosquito born stuff that "GLOBAL WARMING" is bringing to the states.
You know, Malaria, Dengue fever, African sleeping sickness, Equine Encephalitis... the normal things that the MSM loves to bray about.

My work is getting slow, so I'm having to 'find' work- sometimes. I'm getting faster at burying drops (or hiding orange cable), so am usually getting off around noon. Cool, I'm aiming for a 10 drop minimum/day--more is better.

I'm *really* needing to replace the '98 Ram with almost 180K miles. In theory, if I get a Ranger or Colorado that gets about 18-20 MPG, I should be able to pay for it by the gas savings.
BUT--I deal in real life, I'm an optimistic pessimist, (or a pessimistic optimist), and *know* that nothing goes as planned, so I need to think about what to do WHEN it falls apart.

Scene 1- I could get a part time, on-call kind of job (at around $10/hr), since I'm done with the main job at noon-ish.

Scene 2-- I could get a part time job with the rival phone/TV/Cable company doing what I'm doing now on a different check (to keep money separate).

OR--I could do the extra 2 days/ month thing to get the truck payment. ( Or just ask the dispatchers if our guys have any drops on the far east side to pick-up the extra 18 drops/ mo. I need for the truck)

Decisions, decisions. I need to *really* start thinking before I end up picking up transmission parts off loop 410 at morning rush hour....

I'm also getting tired of waiting for the satellite connection to re-establish itself. Not long after I upgraded my Wild Blue account ($20 for an extra 30kps), did they complete there melding into the death star. NOW whenever it's overcast here and in Laredo, we lose connectivity. As far as the once exceptional (and American) tech support, we get automatically thrown into the waiting que dead-end.
Last time I was on for over 90 minutes ~on hold~ before I got disconnected. I called billing and was told about a problem in Laredo (again). I just wish we could get reliable broadband out her in the sticks.