Monday, February 14, 2005

Spare White Guy is finally getting around to posting

on something I posted last week.

Ol' Thor the wonder Penis is posting about wimmin teachers and their young meat
-Ok that's not the name of the post. I mean it's fake- but accurate.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Well, I'm getting hits, but

Almost all of them are spanish blogs- Unless they're looking for info about sneaking into Maxwell.
They should just show up, half of maxwell seems illegal anyway. The population of Maxwell proper is about 300, or so.
The Post Office is there and the Water Board. I live about 4 miles away; closer to San Marcos city limits, actually.
Can the Hollywood left EVER get enough of the Clintons?

Bill and Hill each got a Grammy for their books on tape. Guess they need to get their message out to all the graduates of "outcome based" high schools.

Gorbachev got one too.
. . . And in the spirit of tolerance and healing

Kos is reaching out to Republicans.


Why do I always feel like I need to shower when I come out of those kind of sites?
Ok MSM it's been a week since the Iraqi MP story broke

As I mentioned in my post last week.
I want to see the pics splashed all over the place. Where are they?

Oh? They're not going to overkill that story?
Ohhh- because they were exposing themselves, and- they were BABES, not like that mannish hosebag Lyndie England.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Abe
President Bush? I have a job related question.

I've been rained out quite a bit lately ( it's a good thing I'm guaranteed a 24hr/wk).
I was browsing jobs to see what else was out there that I might be interested in because frankly, I'm getting bored. If I'm rained out I can't do anything outside, or do any finish woodworking in the 100% humdity.

So I'm looking in Work in Texas and I saw this:
Carpenter - View Job Posting for Information - SAN ANTONIO, TX - $13.00 / hour - View Job Posting

The pay range for that Truss Builders job is from $9 - 13/hr.
That's what it was almost 20 years ago when I was a carpenter after getting out of the Navy.

The reason I mention this job, Mr President and all you other apologists for Illegals, is that you keep saying Americans can't or won't take these "low paying"jobs. 20 years at the same pay. If the illegals weren't keeping these wages so low- ALOT of Americans would be working there.

I like carpentry, I like to build things. I'm NOT going to do it for $9- $13/hr.
As far as migrant farmworkers- a machine can do what they do- and at a better cost (well,after it's cost-effective to build one, that is) and we taxpayers won't be required to provide free/lowcost food, lodging and healthcare.

Anyway Mr Bush, my question to you is are you going to do anything to try to slow or stop these lawbreakers from coming north?
Also, are you even going to mention to Vincente Fox that it was in bad taste for his government to print a "How To" book about breaking our imigration laws?
Kinky Friedman for Gov?

I report, you decide.
I came accross this collection of his writings in Texas Monthly Magazine, and as a fair and balanced blog; I'll let you make up your mind if you'd want him as the Governer of our state.
Hoopla has a poll up

It's missing a name, I think. They're asking who's responsible for the Ward Churchill thing.

As I said earlier, I should probably care about this, but I don't really.
I just thought I'd add this post to be able to (maybe) get a link to Hooplas' website. They're linked to LGF so maybe I'll get some spillover.

As a note to the ardant followers of Churchill. You'll find it as easy to rip my little bloglett to shreds as a Rottweiler would shredding Raggedy Andy.

I know this blog sucks, I don't have 4 years of college behind me, I went into the Navy and my college courses were in Electronics, not Poly Sci and English.

Friday, February 11, 2005

This has everything the UN wants,

But where is it? According to this news story, The Sri Lanka people are accusing their own officials are taking bribes for aid.

Ok, the question is - where is the UN? It has everything the UN wants; a major disaster, lack of oversite, and bribes for everyday necessities.

I guess they don't figure it's worth it, tho - not like skimming BILLIONS from Iraq. It's only a jerkwater island that a popular sci-fi author lives on. It's not like they have BILLIONS of barrels of oil to skim. Maybe the UN is waiting for their 2005 Landcruisers to arrive, before the start "overseeing" the relief efforts.
El Capitan

Gives a Public safety warning about cleaning loaded staplers.
Garfield Ridge

Has an update on the latest in plastic engineering.

Just wondering if Ebay lets you sell "clean" (umm) water.
Spare White Guy

Gives you something not safe for the Valentine to catch you with tonite.
Ok, on the laptop everything seems like it's working.

Maybe it was just Blogger having issues?
The spell check still won't work, tho.
-And my edit pencil is gone.

1:45AM- OK, my fault about the links. I copied the entire address- including the http://.
If you have TWO http://s it looks like this- http://http://siteaddress.whatever -and it'll send you to the microsoft homepage. Weird.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

OK, is it me? or my writing? My views? My Firefox? My XP? The dogs muddy paws?

Blogger won't post any posts.

My Blogroll- powered by Blogroll is sending everything in my blogroll to the microsoft main page.

I changed my name in my Profile, and it changed in most of my posts, now it's back to the old name.

Guess maybe I'll just try another blog, and try again on another site? With a different name, and hope nobody remembers me.
Been an expensive two weeks over here at rancho trainwreck. Had the Transmission rebuilt on the Dodge (my favorite truck) to the tune of $2.000, the Conductors Emergency Room bills (insurance didn't kick in till Feb) came in last week from a Dec. visit. And - best of all- I owe Uncle Sugar almost $600.

Ahhhh, the life of an evil rich conservative.

Well, the good thing was the rattling shudder in the Dodge wasn't warped brake rotors, just a bulge on my rear tire.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ward? Weren't you a little hard on the Bever last night?

Ok, I don't really have a dog in this fight. But my English wife was wondering why now, after all Ward Churchill has said about how evil America and her lackies (us) are- is everybody jumping on him now?

I told her it's simple, when everyone thought he was part Indian - he couldn't be a racist. When it was disclosed by A.I.M. that he wasn't part of the "tribe" it became racist hatespeach- pretty much. He was open for citicism. (They haven't got so "politically sensitive" over there yet).

Now I ran accross this website over at LGF, and just couldn't help putting it into context:

We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll
Built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

Say you don’t know me or recognize my face
Say you don’t care who goes to that kind of place
Knee deep in the hoopla sinking in your fight
Too many runaways eating up the night.

OK, enuff said.
Gone to Canada the saga continues. . .

I know if you're here then you've seen the "libs heading north" thing. Aren't they showing their 'racism' and 'intolerance' and not their vaunted 'appreciation of culture' by NOT heading south- to Mexico?
They worship the Mexican 'undocumented worker', and the culture they bring north.

I can think of at least two reasonsfor that, and they are:

  1. They're going to reinforce the earlier wave of draft-dodgers we sent in the 60's. The ones who've helped push Canada into the pro-French anti-anglo sphere.
  2. They like the wages and Gov't healthcare they have heard about (can't blame them for not wanting Mexican wages, healthcare or education)
OK, Mexico has some of the same opportunities as Canada, and even some moder, first world cities to live in in addition to some advantages nobody's mentioned.
- Mexico has a nice warm climate too boot.
-And a low cost of living.
-And a wonderfully diverse culture (we KNOW just how much Libs love diversity)
-Mexicans running everything- AND they don't have to fight us evil, cro-magnon red staters in order to get that happening- save alot of time).

Maybe they can head south and put their ideals into action.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Ok, is this a new thing?
Where were these kind of woman teachers when I was in middle school?
I would have loved to have the bragging rights to bagging a hot teacher.

I think of all the education that I missed.
But then my homework was never quite like this.
Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,
I’m hot for teacher.
I got it bad, so bad,
I’m hot for teacher.

What's wrong with these women? The ones I've seen are hot, not the spinsterly ones we had in middle school, who probably didn't have the choices these babes have.

The only thing I can imagin is that they want to be a "wholistic" teacher ;-D, and be sure the kid is "ready" to face the world- or that those teachers are somehow , , , damaged goods in one way or another.

I think of all the education that I missed.
But then my homework was never quite like this.
Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,
I’m hot for teacher.
I got it bad, so bad,
I’m hot for teacher.
-Van Halen
Over here we call it "scalping"

According to ThisIsLondon The 60s group Cream are holding a reunion, and tickets: "have appeared on auction sites such as eBay for up to £2,000 for four, an increase of more than 300 per cent.

The premiums have enraged fans who failed to get tickets through "legitimate" routes and now face having to pay over the odds for the concerts.

There are also fears about "cowboy" agents who do not give accurate information or may even fail to supply the tickets. Peter Tudor, chairman of the National Arenas Association-said Cream fans should treat websites offering tickets with the utmost caution."

The exchange rate is about $1.70 to the Pound

That's more than I payed for our spare car!
Dear President Bush,
Dear Vice President Cheney
Dear Senator Cornyn,
Dear Senator Hutchinson,
Dear Representative Paul,
Dear Representative Doggett

Hi, I'm just wondering if you and the rest of the Republicans are going to start actually acting like conservatives with this budget. I understand there are things that can't be forseen, like the cost of the War on Terror and such.

I don't mean that, I'm wondering if you have anyone on your staff who is actually going to READ the final spending bill- BEFORE -you vote on it?

Seems like everytime you people vote to approve the bill, and the President signs it, we hear about the boatloads of pork the nobody knew was in there- because nobody bothered to actully READ the thing. I'm sure you have an extra staffer, or intern just sitting around extra that you could get to maybe just skim the thing, and cull the pork for you.

If you want to explain more of the budget prosess, I'd love to post your response in my little bloglett where this letter is going. You can write to me, or respond in comments at A trainwreck in Maxwell

Thank you for your time,

P.S. Can I get a retirement plan like the one you have in D.C.?
Well, it's finally out about the real meaning of "Compassionate Conservatism"

Anyone who was a real conservative could see that "compassionate conservatism" was just a codeword for Liberal-lite.

In his first term we wached "W" using a grain shovel to throw money out the window, and then come up with the perscription drug fiasco (anybody know exactly how much over-budget it really is? ) which I seem to remember something like 25%-BEFORE it even starts the money sluce.

Then there was the illegal amnesty balloon.
The doing whatever they could to make the MSM , and Libs like them- Ted Kennedy's school plan.
It's early, and I don't want to think of the rest, but came upon this at Drudge

developing flash report

printed verbatem:

Mon Feb 07 2005 15:42:56 ET

The White House budget director Josh Bolten on Monday bragged to reporters how the nation most-wealthy will see an increase in tax burden under Bush's new budget.

"If you look at the president's tax cuts as a totality, the income tax, those at the upper end of the spectrum are now paying a larger share of the income tax than they were before," Bolten explained.

"An example, the top 5 percent in income in this country -- that's people making above about $140,000 -- without the president's tax cuts that top 5 percent would be paying about less than 52 percent of our total income tax revenue.

"After the president's tax cut that group is paying more than 54 percent of our total tax revenue. So the notion that the president's tax cuts have somehow made the code less progressive is wrong. The president's tax cuts have made the tax code more progressive."


Ok, maybe they're making subtle digs at the libs (progressives), but the increas of 2% of taxes for the top %5 of taxpaying Americans isn't what I'd call fiscally conservative.

Gawd I wish we could get a REAL conservative in power. I don't care which party they're from.

Monday, February 07, 2005

San Antonio traffic update

Ok, I'm writing on Monday morning. It's raining here. Really raining. The Camino Real bridge over the Blanco river will be closed soon.

I just got back from signing todays timesheet; and listening to WOAI to and from San Antonio. They're only reporting the major wrecks today. The ones that have one or two lanes blocked on major throughfares (like I-10, I-35, the two loops), and there are more than several. I'd bet I got passed by a couple who are on the radio now, got passed on the way in- when I was going 10-20 MPH less than the speed limit.

You notice I didn't call them accidents. An accident is when something unforseen happens. A wreck happens when you are going 20 MPH faster than anyone else on the road- in blinding rain, on slick roads, and darting in and out of traffic- without (usually) turn signals. You deserve your increased premiums, and the ticket I hope you got for you stupidity. I just hope you didn't hurt anyone that was driving the right way.

You people in other states might need to know that in Texas, if you're over 18, or the graduate of a home drivers-ed class you only need to take a written test- no practical. We have a 16 yr-old who'll be taught at home, so we were looking at the
Tx DPS site to see what the requirements are.

They are basicaly 1) Do it at school 2) Private drivers school or 3) Parental drivers ed (with approved study courses).
I don't have a real problem with the concept, exept that the kids are going to be taught by someone who really doesn't have that great of a grasp on safe driving themselves, and/or just gundecks the classrom 32 hours so little Johhny and Jenny can get out on the road with their brand new Expedition.

The problem I have with the lack of practical road tests is also Mondo the Mujado who comes from that 3rd world country just south of us, and gets behing the wheel of a 3/4 ton dually only takes a written test (in spanish). No problem you say- exept that previously, the most advanced transportation he'd driven was a BURRO.

Yep, lets get those illegals a drivers license, they'll drive alot safer.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ok, where's the wall to wall pics?
According to Drudge there was ANOTHER incident of indecency in an Iraqi prison!

I, as a red blooded American male want to see the pics of this. I mean the MSM was all over Abu Graib -as soon as they had pics they were all over the place- you couldn't miss them if you tried.

I'm asking the MSM,,, WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

Show the pics.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Looks like blogger is having "issues"

I can't get it to modify my Ted Kennedy post, so I won't sound like I'm shouting.
Now It won't do any spell checks. And I NEED spellcheck.

As long as I'm blathering (sorry no "fake-but-accurate- TaNG transcripts), I don't know if I want to redo my Haloscan comments, or hit counter -Ignorance is really bliss, sometimes.

I don't know if I want/should sign things as just me, or as trainwreck when I make comments in blogs? I don't know if this bloglette is worth the trouble.

Guess I'll just leave this as a practice blog for now.
Here is a quick test to find out your political leaning. ( If you didn't know already)

I came out as a CONSERVATIVE! (yeah, no chit) with a score of 40% personal and 80% economic. Guess that means I have little personality.

In a related note, I got the test at a new Blogger board by and for bloggers. I forgot where I got to there from, so can't credit it- so no hatemail, please. On the other hand, hatemail is somekind of feedback, anyway, sooooo- go for it.

The guy putting it up is Cheese and Crackers blog

Friday, February 04, 2005

What's the Iraqi word for chutzpah?

Seems as if the Sunnis (the ones that boycotted the vote) don't like the results of the election. Seems like I've heard it before- by a sore loser (or just a loser?) who said something like 'an election where people couldn't or wouldn't vote' didn't count.

Now guess who wants to throw a temper-tantrum, and STILL be seen as a responsible represntative of their people? Guess who wants to have an equal say in running the country?

NO, it's not the Dems- this time. I can see how it's confusing, your party's in power for 30+ years, and some westerner comes in and gets you tossed out on your ass. Yep, it's the Sunnis, the boys from Saddams' hood- who read the Dem handbook, and liked what it said.

Siigghhhh,,,,,,,, and they'll get some bones tossed to them, too- the good cuts.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Just wondering . . .

Ted Kennedy (D-mASS) is bloviating about getting out of Iraq (again), when will SOMEONE stand up and remind him that we're still in Kosovo (remember that?) with no exit strategy even mentioned.

The big difference is that Bush actually ACCOMPLISHED something that has a chance of lasting after we leave.

Ok, I've tried to get this post to post as usual, must be something in blogger that keeps it this size. There wasn't anything extraordenary about this post- just blogger being blogger.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

SotU Address

Didn't do alot for me- I only voted for him because Zell Miller wasn't running on the Democrat side.

Just wondering if Ace, Little Green Footballs, Protein Wisdom, Hog on Ice, or any but left wing moonbats are going to comment on W's orange tan?
Cell Phone gripes (part deux)

According to University of Utah psychology professor David Strayer, "If you put a 20-year-old driver behind the wheel with a cell phone, their reaction times are the same as a 70-year-old driver who is not using a cell phone"

I Know that you aren't concentrating on driving while talking on a cell phone. I have one myself- and have made bone-headed mistakes (just lucky there were no accidents- or many P.O.'d drivers).

Read the rest and what they have to say about handsfree phones.

Amazing about how the libs want to curtail anything they don't do for safety reasons, but make excuses for proven problems in what they like to do.