Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why do I just KNOW that ther will be 100 *No's*

Over at Porkbusters they are having people contact their Senators and have them go on record sying that they (Sen. Bloviating Windbag -Hack) are not the one putting a hold on the Senate bill 2590 (the Where's the Pork- bill).

So far they ave about half of them on record as not being the creator of the secret hold on the bill. Knowing how upfront and honest our Pols are- Id be willing to bet my next paycheck that there will be 100 "Not me's" ("Not me)s [?].
Just look at all the integrity they've shown this year, the Dems and their 'Anti-anything-Bush" platform, and the Republican "Where's-an-illegal-I-can-brown-nose" stance.

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