Thursday, November 14, 2013

Junk on the bunk

Who remembers this.

Who is so old school they actually had a weapon ON the bunk?


  1. My M1911A1 didn't take that much space...


  2. Had to be late 40's to mid 50's otherwise there would be the M-1956 Web gear instead of the cartridge belt.

  3. When did they come out with the M-14?
    Except for the metal canteen, the canvas ammo pouches and the wooden handled E-tool, it's almost the same as my 782 gear in the `80's

  4. M-14 entered general issue in 1959. It had limited issue in 1958 as I remember as the T-51. I might be wrong about that part I don't have the book anymore.

  5. Made me think of the last "junk on a bunk" inspection in AIT in 1980. Someone got the bright idea of putting a Fig Newton under the helmet liner in place of the dress belt buckle. Col. started his inspection and picked up the liner on bunk 5 or 6, saw the cookie and didn't say a word. Went to the next bunk (mine) and looked under the liner and saw a cookie. Went back to the beginning and that was all he looked at. We got an extended day on our pass for everyone having a fig newton under the helmet liner. Laughed our butts off over a lot of really cheap beer in Aniston AL



  6. Well I think you got spoofed, That's a M-1910 shelter half (discontinued in 1943) a M-1942 canteen cover , an M-1952 to 1963 canteen, an M- 1942 BAR belt with blued WW-1 BAR mags A modern white nylon tent rope, Modern(post 1960)alloy tent pegs, an post 1951 mess kit , a 1950s M-1 Garand, a 1944 field pack (upper and lower with no suspenders discontinued and taken out of service in 1945) and the clock on the shelf was made after 1955---Ray That's a lot

  7. I made a mistake that is an M-14 , But everything else on that bunk is WAY wrong. FYI photographic evidence shows most US divisions (including the USMC) didn't get the M-14 until 1960-to 1963. The US military NEVER replaced the full inventory of M-1 rifles with M-14s before the change over to the M16 in 1965-66. In fact only the Berlin Brigade ,The USMC, The US ARMY in Korea the 82nd and 101st AB and the 4th ID ever got a full inventory of M-14 rifles. The US ARMY and The USMC changed over from M-1910 web gear to M-1956 web gear in 1959--- BEFORE the M-14 was issued. (look at the photo database for the first of the 22nd ID (1/22ID) they and the 101 were using the '56 gear with the M-1 Garand as late as 1962-and they were first line -regular ARMY---Ray

  8. Actually, it's a SeaBee layout from the Viet Nam era.

    We got the stuff the Marines didn't want.


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