Saturday, March 02, 2013

So I went into town today

I went to cash a check that the .GOV doesn't need to know about.
On the way back I stopped at a pawn shop and almost bought a SMLE carbine for $230 except that the sales-people were busy with a lot of other people and I didn't see one box of .303 anywhere.

so I was on the way home when I saw...
...And said to myself- should I? It doesn't look that crowded...
Then I was turning in from the far driveway, I saw the overflow lot:
So I put $140 in the Paypal bank and came home to hoard the rest.

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  1. I took my grandson to his first gun show today. Over 100 tables, filled the fairground building pretty well. The aisles were tight and crowded, but nobody minded me towing a two year old around, got lots of smiles.
    Prices were insane.
    $30 for a box of 100 Remington 22LR? $500 for a Russian SKS? $0.16 each for 9mm range brass, $0.21 for 5.56x45mm brass? Pistol ammo was going for a buck a round, rifle ammo varied. In what reality is a surplus box of twenty 7.62x54R worth $12.00? What the hell are these people smoking?
    I picked up a couple of pistol mags for the same price they were six months ago, but I saw no-name 1911 mags priced at $30,and AR mags were $50 for a new Mag-Pul, $40 for used steel.
    No powder or primers to be had.


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