Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We worked late today

We're putting conduit underground where the Air Force has some kind of motivational run every Thursday for their booters. Lots of proud parents show up for this and the ceremony afterwards.

We had all the crew out there doing final clean-up and at 1700 the evening colors was played (or whatever the AF calls it).

Me and the new guy (ex-Army and current Nat.Guard) did our military thing, and the other operator down with the clueless kids must have told them to shut-up and show some respect.
Well being SouthSan Mexicans who are pretty much self raised and stupid...they at least stopped working and stood around...joking.

When the end came new guys said something like "It just pisses me off to see people like that. I mean even if it's only an Air Force Base, you need to show some respect."

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  1. Yup, differentiating between an AF base, Army Base Marine or Navy Base. Interservice Rivalry and all you still need to show respect.