Sunday, September 02, 2012

I just bought a new battery for the S-10

Since when does a regular lead-acid battery- for a small V-6 cost on the plus side of $100?

It's just a farging car battery, and not even a marine battery.

Has the 0bama administration gotten so intrusive with the EPA and regulations that they tripled the cost of a 690 Amp battery in three years?


  1. I know! About knocked my socks off when I had to get a new one for the Z71 about six months ago. I have no idea why the major price increase, either.

  2. I bought one for son's truck a month or so ago. Looks like the price has doubled since the last time I bought a battery.

    It was a shock, to say the least.

  3. Some are $140. When I sold Interstates, their best was $60 retail.

  4. mostly, they aren't just lead acid any more. jels and lead alloys add to the cost.


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