Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why should 0bama show up?

The bro-s at the NAACP are kind of getting their collective noses out of joint because the second first black president sent his cracker Veep to their meeting instead of wasting his time fist-bumping the homies in Houston.

Really, Romney wasted his time talking to people who would never in a thousand years vote for him- why should the Chocolate Jeezus bother with people who are going to vote for him no mater what?


  1. Not showing up is insulting, but sending Biden was much worse.

  2. The Chicago Messiah knows that he has the blind support of the black community. His time is better spent going to hollywood visiting the legions of fans and shaking donations out of them.

  3. Actually, i think he didn't "waste his time". While he may not have garnered many votes from the audience, he did likely gain some from other black people not in the NAACP meeting/leadership.

    He at least showed the courage and respect that Obama didn't. He showed that he didn't take them for granted. And that has more impact than you might think.