Saturday, July 07, 2012

It's been over 20 years

Since I was in uniform.

Even now when I talk to a military Officer, I have to stop myself from throwing a salute.


  1. And I'll bet you can still recite your serial number forwards and backwards.

  2. It's my SSN, and I'm real good w/ the last four!

  3. It's Pavlovian.
    Many years ago I attended my daughters graduation from AF basic. As part of the visit we visited their barracks and saw the training area. As we were walking along I spotted a full bird Colonel in uniform walking along with what must have been his daughter. As he started to pass my hand moved toward my brow and I could feel a "Good afternoon Sir" start to form in my mouth. I had to concentrate to stop the automatic reaction and by that time I'd been out for 16 years.

    The really funny part was that my newly graduated daughter totally missed him and didn't salute nor greet him and when I commented about it just shrugged her shoulders.

    Ah, the vagaries of the different services.

  4. Same here. I end up calling my boss "Sir" all the time and he keeps telling me to knock it off.

    My normal, reflex response is always "Yes, Sir."


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