Sunday, July 08, 2012

...And will this "emergency" happen befor or after Nov. 6?

Inquiring minds are curious, but know it'll  be before January 2013.

When you bring this Executive Order (that doesn't even have a number) into operation and take over the nations communications?

Do you notice that it's always been the Democrats who put people in detention camps, and(except for Lincoln) deny Constitutional guarantees?


  1. Progressives hope, or create a disaster so they can complete their takeover of freedom. It worked in the past, but it never worked with an armed populace.

  2. What will be our Reichstag Fire?

    MAJ Mike

  3. It just keeps getting worse from this president. Thanks for writing about the E.O. without a number. It must be 'classified' so Americans cannot know it.


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