Monday, May 28, 2012

Sorry VFW, I think you're wrong

Because you'll only get some kind of half-assed non-apology like 'I'm sorry that some people took what I said in the wrong way'...because you right-wing H8'rs are too stupid to understand the nuances of me saying that I can't call dead military members 'heroes'.

Because that's probably the only time this month that Chris Hayes said something heartfelt in public.

8:55PM 05-28-12

Unlike the vast majority of the lamestream Media, I don't try to hide when I'm wrong.
But then, I didn't go to J-school and have layers and layers of editorial oversite either...

It looks like Chris Hayes has pretty much, all by himself decided to apologize for  his statements the other day.
It seems to be a real apology and not some sort of non-apology apology that the Left is so used to doling out when they're caught telling the truth.


  1. In a way I almost agree with the guy. If he'd been a veteran I would agree. I spent some time in the Southeast Asian War Games. I knew men who died doing something stupid. Hell, I saw where a man was killed sitting on the military version of a porta potty, a mortar shell dropped right outside. I do not believe that taking a dump is particularly heroic. Still, he volunteered. Most of us did. Hero? Unlucky shmole? Who knows. The Company Commander wrote a nice letter mentioning only the good things and nothing about the john.

    All I really know is that I was no hero. I just went where I was sent and did what I was told. And I wasn't a damned Hee-Row, either, wearing questionable medals, either.

  2. I just did what I was told to do too. Sometimes just half-assed, most of the time I did to the best I could.

    What I meant was that anything he says about it won't change the way he (or most Liberals) feels about the military.

    I don't think the noncombat deaths were on his radar when he said that. As a complete Liberal- he has absolute disdain for anything the military does. So an apology would mean nothing but more meaningless verbiage.

  3. I never served, but I think it's heroic to put up the tons of crap required to exist in the military and not choke the crap out of some pissant officer. Maybe I'm wrong, but considering the fact so many of the soldiers have the means to take care of external annoyances, it takes a lot of bravery to control the almost uncontrollable urges.


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