Friday, May 18, 2012

Sad sight on the way home

On the side of the road is a light brown puppy.

I don't know the story, but it's dead and bleeding from the mouth.

It also has a red leash on it.


  1. I hate hitting animals on the road, and usually can avoid it with rapid horn taps and lots of brake. Local news items often tell of injuries and fatalities from teens swerving to miss an animal. As much as I hate to hit an animal, I firmly believe in not swerving to avoid one. But, it sucks.

    I was on a double date MANY years ago, and the friend who was driving hit a cat than ran across the road. He stopped and checked it, and had to finish it off with a tire iron. He lost his cookies, and that kind of ruined the whole evening. He was a farm kid too, who knew how to dress chickens, slaughter cows and hogs, but the cat got to him. I guess I'm that way, too.