Saturday, May 05, 2012

Puppy progress

We've got him on a feeding schedule that stops the food at about 4:30 and basically no water after 6 or 7 at night, then he's tied to the front door with a 6' leash.

So far that problem has been fixed.

He's starting to learn that he's supposed to ...something outside, but I still don't trust him where I can't see him.
This morning he peed ON the couch,,, as in he was on the couch and peed on the back cushions. He got his nose rubbed in that warm pee and thrown out the door. (yes, I know it doesn't work- BUT- it made me feel better)

He may have been exited because grand-daughter was over and he hadn't seen her in a week.
He's still dribbling without either of us knowing until I step in cold pee.

The cats are starting to get used to him, except for that puppy exuberance.


That f*cking pissnozzle just let go right behind me!
So I just got done rubbing his nose in the warm piss and threw him out the door.

Anyone want an untrainable dog?

That's the fourth time today that little f*cker has pissed in my house, this time it was three feet away from the last time.

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