Monday, May 07, 2012

The British are NOT amused- Benjamin

Because they still remember back in 1948 when the U.N. gave Israel back to your people- that THEY were the ones who were instrumental in getting the Palestinians (or more accurately historically---the Philistines) to oppose your GOD given right to live in your promised land.

Now you are doing the unthinkable (to western Liberals) and telling your enemies exactly what will happen to them if they try anything stupid.

Because, for Israel it's life and death-for you newsies- it's entertainment, and for you anti-Semite politicians- including 0bama- it's all local politics, and the people of the Arabian peninsula are just numbers that we can distort  like a stretchy from the `80's to fit anything our lapdog MSM wants to make work.

Hows that Libya freedom party working out for you, Barry?

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  1. Israel can only play for keeps, which means they play hard and don't have the word "fail" in their vocabulary.

    I remember the 1967 war. They'd had enough and did something to stop what was threatening their survival.