Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anyone up for an airshow?

If you're in the San Antonio area this Saturday, the CAF will be hosting one in Hondo starting at 10AM.

The B-17 Bomber Texas Raiders and the Marine B-25 Bomber Devil Dog are the headliners at this year’s Hondo Army Air Field Fly-In, sponsored by the CAF’s Tex Hill Wing, based in Hondo; the City of Hondo and STRA; and Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce.
     Other aircraft include types of nearly all aircraft used at the airfield throughout its history, first as the world’s largest
navigation school, and later, during the USAF’s flight screening program. About three dozen aircraft will be on static display at the airport, including rare Warbirds such as several P-51 Mustangs including Miss Marilyn and Glamorous Glennis (formerly owned by the famous test pilot and USAF Gen. Chuck Yeager); a P-63 King Cobra (an F-model so rare it is the only one in the world); a DH-82 Tiger Moth from the 1930s; a Stearman Stamp; several T-6s and L Birds; a
Beechcraft 34A Mentor; SNJ/T-6; SNB/C-45; SNJ and T-6s; PT-19; T-28 Trojan; Fairchild F-24; and a B5N Kate.

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  1. Every now and then, the old warbirds will fly over and remind me of the times I can only read about. Even with todays technology, these milestones in the creativity of the human race are more than impressive.