Saturday, April 14, 2012

Willard? Weren't you a little hard on the Bever last night?

So- the newest and best strategy the smartest negro 'IN the WORLD!!" has come up with a strategy of reminding us peaceful and ordered our lives would be (and less expensive) if Mitt Romney was president?

The new Democrat talking point is to compare Mittens with Ward Cleaver?
And 35 cent gas
And smart healthy kids
And actual civil discourse
And low taxes (where June didn't HAVE to work to help pay bills)
And affordable health insurance

...should I go on?


  1. I'd gladly go back to the 50's and this attack may work no better that his women one

  2. I believe health care was so affordable that insurance wasn't a large part of the market. People just paid their doctors for the service and meds.

  3. compared to Barack and Michele, Mitt and his bunch IS Ward and June Cleaver.

    But ONLY in comparison.



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