Saturday, April 28, 2012

We seem to have lost the connection

So- daughter and SiL got a puppy over at camp go along with the new granddaughter.

Youngest moved back to San Antonio to save money while SiL is in the `Stan...except she basically got ripped off every time she turned around, the movers (who are used to Uncle Sugar paying the freight) doubled her moving bill once they had everything loaded on the truck, Mom-in-laws house she was moving into got it's compresser stolen, the stove was gone and she had to buy a new refrigerator.

And the dog.....
The dog who is still puppyish, but has his adult teeth is still not housebroken.
I traded Meg (the black female) for him to try getting him to associate the whole dog pack running to the door to pee thing...but-
He doesn't squat to pee, he just lets go as he's walking.
Every time he gets up, I watch him- ready to swoop him outside, then I step in a trail of pee.

She's exasperated and I'm getting not happy about that whole bladder/walking/ and finding cold pee with my stocking feet.

If someone doesn't get a clue real fast, he's going to end up somewhere where he doesn't want to be.
Because if he were a puppy, I'd see him squat and he'd be outside before he knew it.

Any suggestions?
 I think I wasted $5 on training pads, because he doesn't even associate whats going out with getting yelled at when I see him doing it- and I know it doesn't help, but he gets his nose rubbed in it before he's chucked outside.

What would make a dog thirsty all the time?
The other three (with the cats) went through a gallon of water a day.
This one must have already drunk almost a gallon by himself (before I put it out of reac arond 8:30 tonight.


  1. Could he be diabetic? I know cats get it, not sure about dogs.

  2. See a vet. That is not normal.

  3. unless he's got a seriously heavy coat and its very warm out its VERY not normal. Have him checked for a UTI, and diabetes and possibly kidney issues (all should be bloodwork and urine testing, possibly not even very expensive, at least the basic tests). Very not normal.

  4. See a vet; drinking that much water is not normal.

    If the vet says nothing is wrong you could try what works on small children; put him in some underwear and plastic pants. He'll soon get really tired of being wet. He might take the hint to pee outside, when you get him outside and remove the soggy pants.
    If that still doesn't work, find someone who wants an outside dog.

  5. Mrs S reminded me. They make belly bands for male dogs, never priced them, but at the very least that way you won't be stepping in pee all the time.